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Tantric Astrology Reading
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This personal reading includes Tantric, Archetypal, Vedic and Hindu elements. Please inquire for specifics and times available as sometimes I travel and it may take weeks before I have an opportunity to address and focus on your data and subsequent consultation.

The reading provides a compassionate map of your consciousness and how you relate to your destiny. If we do not follow our destiny, fate moves in. We can resist our destiny but fate, a much harder task master, creates more obvious challenges the longer we resist and stay asleep. The universe is always talking to us. Are you ready to listen now?

The information shared in a reading encourages and supports your gifts and birthright and guides you in a soulful direction that empowers the internal process of alignment and balancing, no matter how scary or difficult that may appear and, on occasion, be. This exposed potential enhances the voice of the heart and draws forth the depth of the soul to move in truth to its highest calling. The intention is to illumine all your talents and direct them to your life's work and evolutionary unfolding. Waking up to your dharma, that which you came here to do, embody and be, is a sacred calling.

I will also address your destructive habit patterns, manifesting in unwise relationships, health conditions often due to lack of understanding the complexity of metabolic requirements depending on our age, primal planetary influences as well as genetic disposition and provide ayurvedically based suggestions for your improvements. My aim is to help you understand how to convert your losses and confusion into gains and clarity and spiral into harmonious wellness.

Movements of fortunate cycles are indicated to you so you may utilize auspicious times to manifest all you need, want, and desire. Tools for righteous conduct in the world are offered so your wheel of life may become a rewarding reality.

The cost for each natal reading is CAD only: $295, which includes a 75 minute recorded in person or Skype reading, and a comprehensive Vedic birth chart. All charts will be transmitted electronically within 24 hrs prior of the consultation so you may print and follow along with ease. KINDLY INDICATE your preference at the time of ordering the reading if it is Skype or an in person appointment you are requesting.

Transit chart readings are advised within one calendar year of your natal chart reading, which means the current planetary movement is mapped and super imposed on your natal chart so you can understand what the celestial players are communicating in your choices of priority for the upcoming cycle of up to one year. This is especially helpful when arriving at junctions for major decisions such as relocation/partnerships/long journeys/new projects/contracts etc. They are 60 minutes in duration, available by Skype and CAD $150 per session. A Sound file and chart will be sent. If you are a current client and you have just one or two simple clarification questions you may email them and remit $ 60 via the donation button on my website. They will be answered via email.

Information needed: accurate birth data including name, time, day, year and place of birth.


Natal Chart Reading

Price: CAD $ 295
Transit Chart Reading

Price: CAD $ 150


By appointment only: (519) 372-2216

Christina Richã Devi

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