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Tantric Astrology
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'As the rivers flow to the ocean and cannot be stopped, so it is with our karmas, that one due to the stamped envelope of our birth. The planets tell us about our stamp and therefore give us the opportunity to work with and understand the energy we created from our previous karmas. Once our karmas are fulfilled we will merge with the ocean.'

"Aum gang Ganapataye namaha, Aum"
Harish Johari

Most of us are familiar with the astrology of the west, which offers great help in understanding the major psychological factors which affect us throughout our lives. Less well known, is the Vedic system of Jyotish, as handed down by the ancient rishis ( Seers ) as the science of light, closeto 8000 years ago. Vedic Astrology, also referred to as the 'eye' of the Vedas, is one branch of the fundamental philosophy and sacred text of India. I refer to it as Tantric since it is a life altering tool and deeply transformative, if the recipient is ready, and if the karma of illumination, that can come through such a reading, is ripe.

Yantra of the Sun  - by Pieter Weltevrede - click for a larger imageTantric Astrology incorporates Ayurveda, the study of mantra, yantra and tantra applications. For some students prescribing of specific Gem Pishti powders, fasting and other remedial measures are suggested to offset malefic effects or enhance weak planetary positions which are afflicted in the natal chart and are aggravated by certain time transits.

Primarily a spiritual approach, this system of tantra is offered for guidance and self knowledge. Jyotish investigates the influence of the planets as they shed light on the meaning of our lives, the predictable ups and downs we experience, and the nature of our karma as it unfolds in each incarnation. A Tantric Astrology reading provides a detailed overview of your major samskaras, purpose and evolutionary possibilities. It is a precise and remarkably accurate language for predicting and planning events, and for advising on health and relationship matters. Muhurtas, which are available through careful analysis of the chart and may take the form of certain pujas, gemstone council, chanting certain mantras, are often used to help clients through the more difficult planetary influences they may experience.

My training, personal exposure and practice as a student and practitioner of this ancient yogic system, for the past 3 decades, has proven to be a dynamic arena . Many years as a Self-help Healthcare Educator, and ongoing, passionate, in depth study of Tantra are combined to offer clients a mandala of assistance in their search for serenity, sound action and genuine spiritual growth. The natural specialty, due to my own focus on health and healing, is the aspect of Medical Astrology. I am currently still under the ongoing tutelage of Dr. Ramesh Rastogi, India, Mantriji, and Pat Roberto from Canada.

The Ompalace YogaVidya, in northern Ontario is a small hermitage, dedicated to the worship of the nine planets and a Mother Temple with daily puja. Clients in need are welcome to join and live here to learn about and observe traditional pujas for personal and planetary purification. We will pray, chant sacred mantras, paint specific yantras and commune with nature, as well as observe a vegetarian diet with herbal remedies, as indicated by your personal profile and constitutional dosha.

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