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Tantra yoga
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The literal meaning of "tantra" is to expand, to transform, to shape shift, to weave ... that part of our consciousness which is ready for a formidable gateway to a deeper understanding. Puja means ritual worship, offering, pure intent, communion with the Deities. The intention is to embrace a path of more direct awareness, and in a ritualistic way, commit to self realization. In the path of the sanatan dharm we honor the navagrahas and their presiding deities whose blessings and benevolence we seek thru the Tantric Pujas. During a Tantric Puja we commune with the divine and take an initiation toward deeper aspects of inner and outer peace. Thru the various rituals we connect with the inner, astral planets to realize more of the connection between the planets and matter and the five tattwas.

Tantric Pujas are performed here at the Ompalace yogavidya, as per navagraha tradition at the beginning and end of major astrological maha dasha transitions, mantra merit accumulation, the ensoulment of a gemstone and or numerological kavach, as well as naming ceremonies. Weddings, require the additional presence of an ordained pundit. The pujas, whenever possible are done outdoors with a traditional Homa ( sacred fire ritual) and are sometimes preceded by fasting and other purifications for which detailed instructions are given, ahead of time, to the aspirant.

The pujas are offered free of charge, however in the case of a visiting Pundit it is customary to make a suitable monetary donation to honor the time spent and help defray the travel costs.

It is also the sole responsibility of the person for whom the Puja is performed to pay for the ingredients used in the worship, and sponsor a vegetarian feast for the participants which is traditionally partaken after the Puja with shared prasad for everyone.

Further is is good to bring flowers/fruit/candles incense and an appropriate offering for the temple upkeep on the day of the puja. In the event of donations made to charitable institutions, as per planetary yoga indication, resources are provided ahead of time.

The Pujas are selected in accordance with the nakshatras ( lunar mansions ) and need to be ordered well in advance as considerable preparation is involved. A list of observances, yamas and niyamas, bathing/clothing/.dietary
instructions are provided and are necessary to honorably adhere to. Specific mantras are given by oral transmission and in the case of merit accumulation need to be completed during the ascending Moon cycle only.


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