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Spiritual retreat Hawaï
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White Tara in grotto - click for a larger imageKindly consider an invitation to participate in a spiritual retreat to honor and celebrate the Divine Feminine within our own hearts and consciousness and help bring a more loving and nurturing vibration into the collective.

This is a week long, intimate retreat in a most wondrous remote setting on the slopes of Haleakala, on the island of Maui. This blessed stupa and small Tara shrine is nestled in exquisite organic gardens, surrounded by ponds, off the grid, and home to the creator/caretaker and custodian of Tara's hermitage. Daily extensive Tara practise with sublime chanting and dharma teachings by Jeff Munoz, complimented by hikes, meditation, and a communal meal with other Tara practitioners, living on the mountain.

Accommodations will be in yurts and tents, in various proximity to the stupa, so good walking capacity is essential. The weather this high up is far from tropical, yet wonderfully clear and often very warm. One can see all over Maui and the Hawaian islands and the vast pacific ocean is very empowering and spacious. The aina (vibration of the land ) is very pure and exquisite. The whole purpose of such a spiritual retreat is inward practise in utmost simplicity with few distractions in the mundane realm.

Click for a larger imageChristina Richa Devi, a longtime devotee of the Divine Mother, and her manifestations in the ten mahavidyas, of which Tara is the most accessible, will co ordinate all logistics and choreograph this spiritual retreat. She last worked with Jeff at the Tara temple on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2000 and has been an annual visitor/teacher in Hawaii for the past twelve years. One of her main joys visiting Hawaii is connecting with Jeff and Kanaio as well as climbs to "Prayer Rock" a sweet pilgrimage site.

There will be 2 meals a day, organic food and some of each day is unstructured for your own contemplation. Bodywork is available by request as well as private meditation instruction.

The international airport is Kahalui, Maui, and a 4x4 car is required to reach this altitude. We prefer to make arrangements to have participants picked up, for a fee, as well as returned to the airport. We will also assist in extending your stay in the enchanted islands of aloha. This is a small spiritual retreat for a few dedicated practitioners and the pre requisite are only that you come with an open heart and a co operative spirit.


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