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How do i schedule an initial session?

Kindly peruse and check under PERSONAL Support. Select the kind of service that appeals to you. Fill out the application form and hit the button. Also please send an email to requesting a consultation.

Please be sure to include in your email:

1. your FIRST and LAST NAME (whatever you call yourself)
2. your BIRTH DATA (full date, accurate time, and place of birth)
3. your MAILING ADDRESS (so I know what time zone you're in)

I'll email back dates and times when I'm free over the next couple of weeks. Scheduling may take a couple of email exchanges, but we'll find a day and time that works for us both. I work only during solar (daylight) hours.

Fee for a natal chart, astro numerology or tantric reading consultation?

All readings are currently CAD $260.

How do i pay and when?

You pay as soon as you request the reading and your application is accepted as the majority of my time is spent in erecting and penetrating your data and chart prior to the consultation.

We now accept paypal and internet banking ( in Canada only ) for your convenience.

Do you record sessions for your clients?

Yes. All skype sessions are recorded via MP3 for clients at no extra charge and the sound file together with the applicable charts etc, will be mailed to you within 24 hrs after our consultation is completed. Sometimes I prefer to send the charts ahead of time so you, the client, may print out and have same available for the consult to be able to better follow my method of interpretation.

How long are your consultations?

Sessions vary in length. We talk until we've addressed your concerns and shared as much as we can in one conversation. Most times an hour is sufficient. I try not to go longer than 75 minutes, as it becomes overwhelming for both parties. I do offer a FREE follow up, via email, with minor questions/clarifications for one year after the reading date.

It is helpful to me if you include a current photo; will return with the reading. This may be transmitted via email.

Should i send you specific questions before the consultation?

Yes please do. However any questions you have about specific issues or particular circumstances are a vital part of the consult itself. By all means, you should think about what you want to know, and writing down your questions is a great way to prepare, so that you get as much out of your session as possible, and if there are very specific concerns this may be best addressed in a follow up transit reading.

Do you work in-person or over the phone?

Right now, 75% of consultations with clients are via Skype. I'm very comfortable with Skype sessions. Working with Skype is easy, efficient, ecological and keeps the sessions focused, with no distractions. If you are new to skype, kindly download the free software and practise with a friend before hand as to not waste mutully valuable time with techno glitches. I have no capacity or skill to offer teach support. This is also clearly spelled out in the client agreement I will be sending out to you via email once I accept your request for an appointment.

Do i skype you?

Yes, at the agreed upon time, which will be offered by email and needs to be confirmed by you, in writing, so we are both honoring the same time slot as a sacred appointment.

What else is important to know for this consultation?

My work is not a pre-fab product or standard "textbook" chart interpretation. Yes, I offer my professional insights into your chart, but you contribute also. I bring the celestial tools, along with my long experience as a transition consultant and healthcare educator, numerologist and astrologer, and my best understanding of human nature. You bring the knowledge of your real life with all its history and circumstances, plus your highest consciousness.

Your willingness to work in the session by interacting with me from your genuine awareness about yourself and your life makes an incredible difference in the quality of the information we can access and share.

I don't do this work alone. We do it together. So it's not a " psychic reading or a prophesy." It's a co-creation. We are defining, refining, and clarifying the story of who you are, to help you live with more awareness of your karmic history shaped your inner and current self and better attunement to the outer experiences of your life.

Is the first session mainly a "natal interpretation"?

Yes and No, not in the way common to most astrological textbooks. A "natal interpretation" offered by many astrologers is an in-depth character analysis. We need to start somewhere, however I am committed to be with you where you are, inclusive of all your processed personal history and current day perceptions to address specific issues of concern.

What kind of information can i expect in a first consultation?

What we discuss in any session, whether the first time we talk or the fiftieth, depends on two things: what's happening in your life and what's happening in your chart. You bring the information from your real life, I bring the information from your astrological chart, and together we'll make sense of where you are on your life-path.

Every encounter is unique.

Does the session cover everything in my chart?

No. The kind of tantric divination I am trained and comfortable in, is a symbolic system that contains literally endless information. No matter how many sessions we do, we could never address "everything" in your chart. I focus on what is most relevant and important now.

What birth information do you need from me?

I require full birth data to do a session. This includes:

  1. DATE of birth (month, day and year)
  2. TIME of birth (local clock time, from a birth certificate or hospital record)
  3. PLACE of birth (city, state and country, with any clarification necessary for me to determine the location)

How important is an accurate time of birth?

Time of birth is critical in real astrology. Birth times that are incorrect by as little as half an hour (or even less) can radically alter the entire meaning of a chart.

DO NOT guess your birth time. And DO NOT trust your parents' memories. If applicable check your birth certificate or call the hospital where you were born and ask for the Records Department.

If you cannot obtain an accurate birth time, then astrology is probably not the right system for you. Instead, we may opt to consult along a different symbolic or intuitive method. Vedic Numerology is an excellent tool to give you the overview of your your planetary choreography. Tantric Consultations are beneficial when you are immersed in relational issues or traumas.

Do you recommend additional consultations?

If you decide after our initial session that you'd like to work with me further, that's great. Life changes, and each consultation is different. While initial sessions have a special impact all their own, there is no substitute for deepening knowledge and trust. I much prefer to work with people I know - the longer I know my clients, the better the work becomes. I have many clients I've worked with for more than 20 years, and those enduring relationships make this richly metaphysical and labor intensive profession worth doing. Looking forward to evolving your chart for you, thank you. Namaste!


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