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How to Pay?
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Payment by PayPal

  1. Click PAYPAL LINK here.

  2. Select "Log In" for existing members (then skip to step 4). For new members, select "Sign Up Now".

  3. Select your Account Type. Input your personal information, and credit card or bank account details.

  4. In PayPal, select "Send Money".

  5. Enter the following information:
    1. To:
    2. Amount: enter the dollar amount for all services request in CAD dollars.
    3. Currency (drop down menu): Select CAD - Canadian Dollars
    4. Purchase of: select Services

  6. Enter the service(s) requested into your message. If you need more space, please send a separate email to

  7. When payment is confirmed, you will receive an email, suggesting dates for our consult and or confirming your phone/skype or in person consultation.

  8. Sale will be shown as "Ompalace".

  9. If anything is unclear kindly email. All fees include the paypal transaction fee and are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.
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