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Harish Johari
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Ayurveda's renaissance man, is how the Yogajournal described Shri Harish Johari, an artist, composer, chef, author, teacher, father, and tantric, unparalleled in his creativity and production.

I met Harish under serendipitous circumstances, while undergoing a life threatening healing crisis in the spring of 1989. His darshan, after he asked me my "numbers" was poignant and a wake up call to renew my commitment to yoga. We played Leela, his game of cosmic consciousness and after some reflection, he simply told me that if i did not immediately change my lifestyle, adhere to the principles of the dharma and follow ayurvedic disciplines I would die! Being in his company for weeks on end, practising a yogic lifestyle in the highest tantras, Harish in the middle of his well established international sangha, taught me the secrets of mantra, yantra and tantra. He cooked outrageous meals, we had wonderful kirtan with Bhagavan Das, we meditated and had long daily pujas and periods of yantra painting, laughter, philosophy and satsang. Music and food were his way to relax with us as we gathered at various homes of devotees to celebrate the Divine. During those initial five years of my first encounter with Harish, I pursued every opportunity to be with him and study and subject myself to his energies which were often very confronting as I painfully released the layers of ignorance that had brought on my weakened health. I learned about numerology in depth as well as Indian philosophy and the healing gems. I was instructed in a major personal practise which I faithfully adhered to for three full years with thousands of mantra repetitions to accumulate the merit that would appease the malefic aspects of the planet creating havoc with my life force. Having studied my chart and examining the current dasha ( planetary time period ), Dada, as we lovingly called him, gave me a gem prescription, an extensive meditation and mantra practise, and whenever I could not travel to where he was, we would stay connected by phone and letter. Harish Johari had exquisite penmanship and all of his letters were like sutras and treasured. His many volumes of instructive writing, all available in English now, served as a back up for all the vast knowledge he contained and disseminated amongst his students in his worldwide travels.

Harish Johari came from a very spiritual family and an unbroken lineage of an oral tradition of the many aspects of ayurveda, yantra, mantra and tantra. Many of the Johari family members, now living in Haridwar, in northern India, are also renowned artists and carry on within the family spirit that the Johari satsangs were so famous for. One is always welcome there.

At the time of my healing i had no idea that I would eventually pick up the thread of the lineage and commit to studying and practising Vedic numerology as my main focus, nor that indeed Dada would leave his body as he had announced. Nor that I would be carrying on a tradition that now connects me with his international sangha via the sanatan dharm society where many of his oldest and most gifted pupils found an outlet to express their shakti and honor the Johari tradition and teachings with ever increasing skill and splendour. For further information on the multiple aspects of Harish Johari's legacy and the availability of sacred tantric art, please visit the website and feast your heart and soul.

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