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 2022, a #6 Venus cycle

Art by Chanti

Art by Chanti

2022, VENUS! How exciting, the promise of Love over Fear can be actualized during this new # 6 VENUS cycle. This is what Humanity has been waiting for. Especially after the de-stabilizing, anxiety producing COVID years. They will not disappear just yet, however the promise by more selectively chosen frequencies, will be implemented immediately and effectively. A cycle that offers love as a deepening awareness practice and less contraction than we experienced in the years of the Pandemic, with all its doubt, confusion, and chaos  A cycle of spiritual Agape love permeating our interactions and manifestations. A cycle of aiming for Light over darkness in every dimension. Remembering that Love is the Light of the Heart! A time to practise focussed intention, based on loving kindness, with ongoing, relentless vigilance. Every intent, act and habitual practice carries a vibration into the universal field. Energy never dies, it can only transform, and in the VENUS cycle hopefully into something higher, better and more beneficial for the collective reality of all sentient Beings. 

And it will be our love, not our anger, that heals the world.

~ Lauren Fortenberry

Numerologically 2022 is a # 6 cycle, 2+0+2+2 = 6. Six is the Number of VENUS / Shukra. This implies that our main lesson and cosmic instruction for this cycle will be about unconditional and universal love from the core of our being. As the Moon, number Two (2) still heavily weighs in, we are guaranteed more emotionalism, necessitating gentle conduct with one another and sensuous awareness of our need for physical proximity (vs social distancing).  The three number two’s in the 2 0 2 2 year cycle, also indicate a more intensified feeling quality in our perceptions of the year, as well as potentially more watery environmental crisis unleashing torrential rains and floods, and as we wake up to the callous encasing around our Hearts, perhaps also more tears. Considerate, harmony inspired interaction and deep caring, in a family sense, of relating to all and everything will be our Modus Operandi. 

The number Zero (0) always indicates a profound spiritual lesson on our evolutionary spiral. Zero also highlights the importance of understanding impermanence and detachment, attributes that were brought to our attention during the COVID crisis. The number Two (2) at the end of the chain of 2 0 2 2,  the number of the psyche, the Moon, points to the watery, peace loving feeling attunement this cycle may deliver once we finally choose love, and step up to the challenge to make love, and only love, our pure and sole motivation. VENUS, by mythological attribute, is the teacher of the Asuras, all and anything ungodly, and points to where we are unconscious and unloving, stuck in entrenched habits of behaviors that will prevent the universal invitation, to be in our most awakened best soul self, wanting the highest good for all - as in FAMILY welfare. Growing together as a nuclear unit and as a world vibration, by generating a new Hologram of ONE LOVE! No matter what unfolds, and as we will have learned during the Pandemic, nothing should surprise us or influence our mental health and equilibrium to such a degree that we become unkind, selfish, hard, bitter, or too narrowly focussed on our own satisfaction at the expense of others. 

The soul should always stand ajar,
That if the heavens inquire,
He will not be obliged to wait,
Or shy of troubling her.

~ Emily Dickinson

VENUS is all about LOVE, ART and BEAUTY, and will want to predominate our personal, social and collective Life with a softening tenderness of respectfully choosing the vibration that fosters and sustains that frequency, so we may all have a chance to heal and evolve. It is through LOVE not FEAR that the world will heal, and our relationship with the environment will improve. The totality of the required shift of our collective global vibration is such that we are at a junction, pointing to our need to become more obviously committed to ONE LOVE! The fragility of our Immunity will remain until we have evolved sufficiently, that we are no longer in need of these pandemic induced controls, to protect our health and one another by simply breathing. The respiratory system is connected to the prana of the Earth, GAIA currently heavily sighing. PRANA, our Life energy, needs to be reactivated consciously, and we would be wise to find a competent Yoga teacher who has mastered the art and science of Pranayama. This will help with our fears and anxiety around COVID and OMICRON and their cousins, as these viral infections seem to be attacking the Lungs foremost. Bless your Lungs and the Lungs of our co-inhabited Planet. Until further notice go around blessing all and everything.

Unlike this past #5 cycle of 2021, we cannot rely on our intellect, our capacity for analysis, our critical thinking alone, we will need to open to a heart centered approach as the chief operating system, beyond well honed discernment. In the previous MERCURY cycle we traveled through a lot of data, opinions, points of view, rules and regulations, shifting in an almost daily, unsettling manner. The sheer speed of things toppled our cherished and perhaps also naive security systems and dependence on governments, not trusting our own intuition, research, guidance and faith in the process. Some day we may gratefully reflect on this global Wake-UP call. As per recent downloads this pandemic is seemingly necessary for us to shift in attitude, presence and action to bring about the required changes. Now to be embraced and acted upon in a positive, upbeat and creative manner, seeking the application of Love and Beauty. It will be a daring shift, yet so much more pleasurable than doubt, darkness and anxiety/fear. The gentle Art of Blessing is a simple practise that will transform you and your world. Start Now!

Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess of wealth and fortune 

Love is Life
you can survive with love
but without it, it is not possible.
Do not take it as a relationship
Do not take it as a physical attachment
Neither take it as touch.
It is beyond all this.
It is Divine Itself.

~ Mahayogi Pilot Baba (New Years Speech 2022)

The VENUS cycle is about the resurfacing of the DIVINE FEMININE, and Goddess-like qualities will need to shine forth from our souls. Although VENUS is retrograde as we start this cycle of 2022, she is nevertheless and foremost a Goddess Archetype, before, during, and post retrograde. We need to honor all the Women in our Lives and re-align to the fact that everything is born of Woman! VENUS / Shukra - literally meaning Semen, is the ruling planet of people born on the 6th, 15th, 24th of any month. It is a planet considered to be benefic, feminine, tender, artistic and beautiful. VENUS, commonly known as the Morningstar, is magnificent to behold in its sparkling luster, just before sunrise. In the Vedic pantheon, he is identified as the Goddess of Love, and is considered the presiding deity of our sensuous romantic, relationally driven nature. He is outgoing, socially adept, refined in his aesthetic sense, orderly, and given to deep appreciation of the healing and performing arts. A planet to be noticed due to its diamond-like luster, beauty and loving, generously hospitable behavioral expression in social/relational settings and circumstances. VENUS people will have a nice, inviting home, with harmonious colors, a pleasing style, orderly and comfortable, and even leaning toward the luxurious. So in a VENUS cycle we may be motivated to move to physically more conducive living quarters, re-design and refurbish our homes to create a more welcoming and pleasing atmosphere, exuding a sensuous environment, more cushions, speaker sound system upgrades, original art and unique plants, fine carpets and all that bodes well and cozy. VENUS being the significator of Vehicles, we may also be perusing the new car models, perhaps entertain an electric car purchase next, and overall keep our vehicles in clean and good running order and conditions. We may overhaul our wardrobe and look for harmonious style and color combinations. You may see yourself purchasing a new mattress, silky sheets and high quality bedding, as VENUS rules our bed pleasures, and although you may have been considering this for a while, now it is due. Motivated by increasing all that is beautiful in our lives, and taking better care in maintaining such gifts. We will be slow and methodical in making the necessary adjustments to upgrade our frequencies to enrich our living environment. This will bode well and enrich the universal Vibration for All.

Naturally, VENUS being the universal Mother, we will also be more socially connected, wanting to contribute to and experience community circles in high love, high art and high play. Interested in all art forms, especially music, poetry, painting, you may find yourself at more art exhibits than ever before and actively seek to form new relationships with people in the healing and performing arts. VENUS being passionate, tender, stylish and distinctly harmonious and pleasing to the eye, makes us all notice Beauty in new ways. There is a need to learn to transmute the passionate sexual desires into divine love. Overall he (in the Vedic pantheon all planets are prefixed in the male gender), is considered a benefic and auspicious planet! This is a cycle when we will be inclined to support the Arts, and or community projects, our local art galleries, artisan studios, shelters for the socially disenfranchised and group homes. In doing so we will gratefully feel the benefit of harmonious vibrations within and without. VENUS people make gracious friends, are generous with their giving and exude a comforting aura. They light up your Life by being joyous in nature, love and beauty oriented. Ugliness offends them and their yearning for order and symmetry makes them excellent Artists, Decorators, Architects and Executives in Businesses that yearn for a Woman’s touch, Joi de Vivre and overall distinct finesse and style. VENUS invites each one of us to a liberation of the Heart and to reveal the fullness of our Beauty and spiritual attributes, by elevating our senses to magnificence, that will drive all evil and darkness away as we shine on.

Art by Catrin Welz-Stein

Art by Catrin Welz-Stein

No matter which way you go, choose love.

VENUS ruled people are lively, emotionally sensitive, elegant, gracious and polite in their social expression, flirtatious and sensuous in their one-on-one relationships with the opposite sex. They are creative, inventive, busy at all times with self or other improvements, and curious about esoteric sciences such as Tantra, the Enneagram, Astrology, Hypnosis, Reiki and alchemy of any kind. They spend freely on quality items and are not bargain hunters. So prepare yourself to spend more money this year, yet curb any unrealistic yearning so as to not increase your debt load. Finances will undergo a major correction worldwide in this VENUS cycle, and you might want to be prepared to adapt accordingly, and move slowly and methodically. They are conscious of their physical appearance and always want to look presentable and have their environment reflect their brand of stylish awareness and comfort. They have refined taste in all their choices and will be known for their slow and deliberate decisions of generating harmony in all they do. Subsequently they form friendships with lovely and beautiful people. They have a motherly and supportive affection for Artists and Healers of obvious and potential caliber. They are secretive by Nature and can also be entrusted with the secrets of others as they are not gossipy, which would be considered very unrefined. In other words if you engage with a Venusian Energy field, you have entered the realm of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine.



So with all these Venusian attributes blessing us in this new cycle of ONE LOVE, and in calling in your 2022 highest and best, ask yourself what are you grateful for and want to elevate/unfold for this new year, given you want it to be your most beautiful and harmonious best? What are you drawing toward you? How to best allocate your most advanced intention for health, wealth, ease and peace? Assuming that you are curious about your present incarnation, how can you cultivate a higher frequency of loving kindness to all and any life forms around you? How to bestow Venusian graciousness to all that you think, touch and do? How to transmit true, unconditional Love? What do you hope to achieve/manifest in this cycle? VENUS, being a Goddess vibration, will assist you to resolve all conflict and confrontation based on corruption and delusion, and as a Teacher of the high Art of Love, will support your genuine efforts to embody the more divine/refined aspects of your personality. 


It is too late now for anything but Love.

~ Avatar Meher Baba

The Motto in this # 6 VENUS cycle is pure and simple, at any decisive moment ask yourself: ”what would LOVE do?” Then act from that premise and guidance. We are here together on planet Earth to evolve this collective consciousness, and this is our time - as a cosmic Family! Our spiritual inheritance is awakening. People will “feel/sense” each other and understand that every vibrational field we generate from hereon in will have a profound effect on the whole, the themes of our lives, individually and collectively. We need to stay attuned and download from the Cosmic Server and not sink back into oblivion. This will be the main challenge: to see our current crisis as an invitation to evolve, and maintain faith in the divine choreography, although it momentarily appears like we all forgot the password to our Dakini code. We can start shifting our perceptions and perspectives about one another by starting with forgiveness and carry on in a more elevated spiritually attuned ONENESS thread as we rebuild the healing field of the Whole Earth, collectively restoring the paradise entrusted in our care. The quantum leap awaiting humanity is available and ready to be reinforced now by our loving thoughts and actions. We can begin by blessing each other and ourselves and all projects, places and people awaiting our loving gifts, communicating from a soul level, co-creating the map of the new Earth as a sustainable world!

The previous world model is dead. The pandemic saw to that. A new paradigm is coming to the foreground, based on communal intent and values. With all the preoccupation of the global pandemic we have neglected climate change, which has never gone away, and is more urgent than ever. Now we are each called to co-create something that offers a sustainable future as brothers and sisters of one Earth, and in the spirit of ONE LOVE!  We can each do our part. Be creative! And embody LOVE and BEAUTY in your intent and manifestation. Take a stand against Pollution, against Pesticides in our Fields and Foods, wasteful government projects, if you notice inequality in the public planning, or gross squandering of public resources. Speak up in a diplomatic loving way, have your facts straight before writing to your Mayor or Congressman. Caring and Sharing in an emotionally intelligent way is helpful to everyone.

Art by Sparrow Mates

Art by Sparrow Mates

Let us fill our hearts with our own compassion - 
towards ourselves and towards all living beings.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Choose Love

LOVE can never go wrong. Discover and manifest one little thing that will be of benefit to the collective, you thereby included, and that you will actually do and see through! Communal and political activism are called for in a big and generously loving way. NOW!

Come let us be friends for once.
 Let us make life easy on us.
Let us be loved ones and lovers. 
The Earth shall be left to no one.

~ Yunus Emre

This will be a cycle of revolutionary transformation through the power of LOVE. In this new time we will need to be motivated to show up for each other, and if your heart is healed enough this will happen to you, through you and for you. Love will permeate your every cell, and you will comprehend, at the nuclear level, that ‘Love not Fear’ will heal the world. Be a Light bringer, a Change maker and Birther of the VENUS love option that awaits us all. Spirit returning to Humanity going beyond the 3-D seduction that estranged us and led us astray from our path of Self realization and Liberation. Bless everything and everyone! CONSTANTLY! Be in the realm of the awakened sensitive Empath and encourage this rising for everyone, allowing it to become your strength in 2022! Practice mental ecology and educate yourself in Brain health. Remember how you PERCEIVE is how you will ACT. LOVE ONLY! Let your work be rooted in the Wild Feminine fostering humanity’s deep and embodied connection to the natural world. It is the Birth right of every woman to resurrect an in-the-skin spirituality, a unique holiness that is lived and experienced in the body, grounded on this earth.

Go after experience rather than knowledge. On account of pride, knowledge may often deceive you, but this gentle, loving affection of being and staying blessed will not deceive you. It will be your Entrance Code to the higher realms and your spiritual affinity. Knowledge tends to breed conceit, but love builds compassion. Knowledge is full of labor, but love, full of rest.

When we accept that all relationships are here to make us conscious instead of happy,
 then relationships will offer us perfect alignment with Consciousness. 

~ Eckhart Tolle

With VENUS ruling food, a lot of emphasis will be on agriculture in this new cycle. On food production, personal, small, and larger communal gardens, and food shares. It is common knowledge that we, as inhabitants of this benevolent planet, are consuming excessively without replenishing what we take from the Earth. This is the time to change that, and bring awareness to your food desires, purchase, preparation and consumption. A lot can be done on that level. And as Food is a daily need, worthwhile resourceful projects are begging to be unfolded. The Food supply is not endless, seeds have been tampered with, many contaminated, and we need to be in constant awareness as to what's going on in certain governments' attempts to control the people by submission to hunger. Without adequate, balanced nutrition, pesticide and hormone free, we will only become more deranged which we can ill afford. VENUS rules the reproductive system, and the urinary tract, and as we know the Kidneys are the storehouse of our inherent CHI, and need to be maintained in optimum order. Seasonal cleanses with healing herbs, upgrading our water intake source to pure and structured water for drinking/cooking, is essential. Walking barefoot is beneficial to the Kidneys, as is Hatha Yoga, regular Massage and Reflexology, to drain away the accumulated sludge. Every Acupuncturist will assess kidney function in an attempt to balance the CHI distribution in the Meridians, as if there is excess or deficiency, it will weaken our overall vitality and immune system. If you are a lover of Caffeine and or Alcohol, it is vitally important to support the Kidneys by flushing adequately. The most important aspect of any and all health consideration is a daily, heartfelt spiritual practice. May it be mantra recitations, prayers, chanting and or simply blessing yourself.  As VENUS rules the throat/neck, singing and chanting are excellent expressions to cultivate to keep that chakra energized and open. With healthful practices and moderation in everything, we will surely and gradually come into more universal attunement and establish a healthier, happier outlook, which in turn, will benefit the entire Universe as we move onward in love and gratitude as embodied conduits of compassion. May it be so!


I give myself permission
to rest
to heal
to be me
to say no
to change
to love myself
to ask for help
to make mistakes
to pursue my dreams
to live, play, laugh and dream

~ Venus prayer

Deepen your relationship with the Goddess, MOTHER DIVINE, especially on Fridays, and make it a sacred ritual to bless yourself with peace, love, protection, healing and abundance in whichever way that feels most natural to you. Erect a Shrine, in your Home or in Nature, and place flowers, small food items like a puja plate, pictures of Female Saints, Deities such as TARA, LAKSMI, SARASWATI, jewels, candles and incense there as you say/sing your prayers to invoke the Goddess energy into your heart. Wear pastel colors only, take special care with your attire and food that day. Consider taking a Woman or two to Lunch, invite them for a walk, a concert, a meditation or dance. Deliver something of beauty to a Women’s Shelter. Do something distinctly Feminine. If feeling really afflicted/disempowered, consider a Vedic Yagya or acquiring a VENUS Yantra, see above, to pacify your emotions and bring you to a higher frequency. The Gemstone for VENUS is a pure diamond, without inclusions, and should be purchased and worn in a prescribed manner. Consult a skilled Vedic practitioner as the vibrations of Gems are potent and need to be selected with utmost precision depending on your age, and condition. Honor the Goddess within. 

And who will care, who will chide you
if you wander away from wherever you are,
to look for your soul?

~ Mary Oliver

The VENUS mantra is “AUM SHUM SHUKRAYE NAMAHA AUM” and if possible should be recited every day (one Mala of 108 x would be ideal) so we don’t forget that LOVE only, is our focus and practise for this cycle. The day of the week ruled by VENUS is Friday, a day to wear white or at least pastels, buy fresh flowers, have the house cleaned, and enjoy a sensual meal with your partner and or family. Don’t forget desert! VENUS is a Lover of Sweets, petite and delicate, refined and elegant, not a Box of chocolate or a quantity of haphazard Cookies or a bag of Candies. Select the right atmosphere, Music, Candles, Attire, and remember that everything counts, everything exudes energy and communicates a frequency, sets up a new template and is a building block for the future you desire by giving your moment to moment presence wholehearted attention. A tIme to read Poetry and spiritual Literature or Autobiographies of your cherished Heroines. The Mythology of the Goddesses throughout History is vastly abundant, contact your friendly Library to assist your search. For instance the word VENUS comes from the Greek, so you could peruse the Greek Classics. Get acquainted with the archetype of the GODDESS in any which way you can. And don’t forget to wear your invisible crown on days you feel too drab. Rise! Remember Acts of LOVE release the Acts of Fear. Savor every Moment of LOVE in every experience, make it your spiritual practice to generate everything as a loving moment! Vibrate in the highest frequency possible. BREATHE!

Look to this day,
for it is life, the very breath of life.
In its brief course lie
all the realities of your existence;
the bliss of growth,
the glory of action,
the splendour of beauty.
For yesterday is only a dream,
and tomorrow is but a vision.
But today, well lived,
makes every yesterday
a dream of happiness,
and every tomorrow
a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day.

~ Sanskrit prayer




MAJOR Astrological DATES for 2022


Mercury Retrogrades

  • January 14th to February 3rd, Capricorn
  • May 10th to June 3rd, Taurus
  • September 9th to October 2th, Virgo


Other Retrogrades

  • Mars, October 22nd, 2022 to January 12th, 2023, Gemini/Taurus
  • Jupiter, July 28th to November 23rd, Pisces
  • Venus, December 19th, 2021 to January 29th, 2022, Capricorn/Sagittarius
  • Saturn, June 4th to October 23rd, Aquarius/Capricorn


  • April 30th, partial SOLAR Eclipse
  • May 16th, total LUNAR Eclipse
  • October 25th, partial SOLAR Eclipse
  • November 8th, total LUNAR Eclipse

Key Astrological Events

  • Stellium in Capricorn, February 27th to March 5th, 2022 
  • Rahu/Ketu in Aries/Libra, March 16th, 2022 to November 28th, 2023
  • Jupiter in Pisces, April 13th, 2022 to April 20th, 2023
  • Saturn in Capricorn,  January-April 2022 and July 2022 to January 2023
  • Saturn in Aquarius, April-July 2022 and January 2023 to March 2025
  • Akshaya Tritiya, May 3rd, 2022 


Art by Jessica Perlstein

Art by Jessica Perlstein

I am in love with Love
And Love is in love with me
My body is in love with the soul
And the soul is in love with my body
I opened my arms to Love
And Love embraced me like a lover 
Like a Lover

~ Brenda McMorrow

A planet going retrograde in motion, as seen from Earth, represents an area of life that comes into magnified focus. The part of the sky where a planet retrogrades, can tell what themes will become prominent during the retrograde phase. In retrograde motion a planet will be re-visiting and re-evaluating, until finally it comes along to a stationary position for a few days and resumes normal forward movement, bringing to completion and integration the lessons and insights of that period.

In Vedic astrology, the Sign and nakshatra where the retrograde takes place, as well any other conjunctions happening simultaneously during the retrograde phase of a given planet provide clues to the themes that will be important during that period. 

In 2022, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn will have retrograde periods. 

What can we expect from the RETROGRADE periods in 2022?

  • Mars, develop patience with others and their opinions
  • Mercury, refine our use of words and how we communicate
  • Jupiter, recognize the value of developing a spiritual practice
  • Venus, learn contentment in the face of restrictions 
  • Saturn, discover joy in selfless service

MERCURY retrograde

Mercury will retrograde three times in 2022: Jan-February, May-June and September-October.

Notable points for the Mercury retrograde:

  • Mercury will retrograde in Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). This is a year of learning to appreciate the planet we live on. It will come through a crisis-redemption process, where we will develop a deeper understanding and renewed reverence for the Earth and its resources, including water, food, forests and all sentient beings. Mercury will retrograde most of the time in nakshatras ruled by the Moon (Sravana, Rohini, Hasta) and Sun (Uttara Ashada, Krittika, Uttara Phalguni). Moon naskhatras tend to bring a connection with real prosperity, one that nurtures and provides deep satisfaction. Sun nakshatras are related to our action in the world, one that is purposeful and dignified. The Sun and Moon are the Luminaries of the Zodiac empowering us to keep our throught-streams and day-to-day conduct in Balance.

Dates for MERCURY retrograde

14-Jan to 03-Feb, Capricorn 16 deg to 0 deg

  • In Sravana, 14-Jan to 23-Jan
  • In Uttara Ashada, 23-Jan to 03-Feb
  • This is a period to give double attention to our communications, as Mercury retrograde will partly coincide with Venus retrograde. Particularly during the period in Sravana nakshatra, it will be important for us to be better listeners to avoid mixed messages that can create problems with relationships. In the Uttara Ashada period the opportunity will be to rationalize and understand the innermost desires, moving from a dreamer to a practical thinker. Actualize Truth and what is real, not fantasy or delusion.

10-May to 03-Jun, Taurus 10 deg to 1 deg

  • In Rohini, 10-May to 15-May
  • In Krittika, 15-May to 03-Jun
  • Mercury will benefit from Venus, ruler of Taurus, being Exalted and conjunct with Jupiter. The key of this retrograde is to understand how we can better communicate in a nurturing way. It will be an opportunity to refine the way we express ourselves. There will be heightened sensitivity and we can get hurt easily, as the emotional and mysterious intuitive self might go unheard by the intellect. There needs to be much love given, and devotion offered in return.

09-Sep to 02-Oct, Virgo 14 deg to 0 Deg

  • In Hasta, 09-Sep to 19-Sep 
  • In Uttara Phalguni, 19-Sep to 02-Oct
  • Mercury will be strong in its own Sign and outside the influence of other planets. This will be a period to re-engage with projects with a craft or hands-on quality, and activities related to healing and hospitality. Mercury will be Exalted, and it's a time to use words to encourage and inspire, to connect with sacred sounds. There needs to be a trust in intuition, and not indulge in over-analyzing and following the rules by-the-book.

MARS retrograde

30-Oct ‘22 to 12-Jan ‘23, Gemini 1 deg  to Taurus 14 deg

  • In Mrigashira, 30-Oct to 04-Dec
  • In Rohini, 04-Dec to 12-Jan ’23
  • Ingress Taurus 13-Nov
  • Mars is an action-oriented planet, which gives us the courage to pursue our intentions. That courage can easily morph into aggression and haste, leading to accidents or creation of enmity, if the flow of Mars action is blocked. This impulsive nature of Mars gets aggravated when anything asks it to slow down, and usually doesn't lead to good decision making. Thus, the Mars nature in ourselves, others and the world is most disruptive when Mars is retrograde. Mars retrograde will coincide with the lead up to the US midterm elections on November 8th. Mars starts its retrograde period exactly over the USA natal Mars at 1 deg Gemini - indicating spirited and passionate debates that can turn into arguments and acrimony when the final totalling of election results is announced, as it goes backwards into Taurus on November 13th. We can choose to tune into the higher frequency of Mars in Mrigashira, that of mental strength and good thinking abilities, and not let ourselves be swayed from our center via a chaotic media coverage. In December and into 2023 New Year’s, Mars continues the retrograde in Rohini, and we will be confronted with a tension between wanting security and comforts, including around agriculture and farming, and the natural flow of Mars that is to keep moving on, sometimes gung-ho onto the next thing. Fortunately Gemini and Taurus are not warrior-type Signs, and the proverbial ‘cooler heads’ might prevail and succeed.

JUPITER retrograde

28-Jul to 23-Nov, Pisces 14 deg to 4 deg

  • In Uttara Bhadrapada, 28-Jul to 23-Nov
  • Jupiter in Pisces revels in spirituality, and during this retrograde will ask us to live a life on spiritual terms, and enjoy its fruits - that is a deepening of knowledge and esoteric wisdom. Uttara Bhadrapada asks us to conduct tapas (spiritual discipline) in order to purify our vibration and let go of aspects of the mind that cloud the realization of the pure nature of ourselves, as eternal spiritual beings. This will be a preparation for the spiritual blessings coming from Jupiter in 2023, as it goes over Revati, the last nakshatra of the Zodiac.

VENUS retrograde

19-Dec ‘21 to 29-Jan ‘22, Capricorn 2 deg to Sagittarius 17 deg

  • In Uttara Ashada, 19-Dec to 30-Dec
  • Ingress Sagittarius 30-Dec ‘21
  • In Purva Ashada, 05-Jan to 29-Jan ‘22
  • Venus was retrograde as the world welcomed 2022 - and we found it difficult to deal with the restrictions driven by the latest Covid variant Omicron, and its disruptions to travel plans and social gatherings during the holidays. Uttara Ashada is a place where the soul demands some sacrifice, which contrasts with the holiday spirit of feasts and gifts. In January, during Purva Ashada transit, Venus grants us the ability to become more inspired and creative with what is possible, recognize good ideas that come up, and not let old patterns of thinking influence us.

SATURN retrograde

04-Jun to 23-Oct, Aquarius 1 deg to Capricorn 24 deg  

  • In Dhanishta, 04-Jun to 23-Oct
  • Ingress Capricorn 12-Jul
  • Saturn is the planet of karma, the Universal Law of action-and-reaction, which is the way that the Soul explores Life, making choices, living through experiences, and constantly refining both understanding and actions. Saturn is an energy of discipline that demands we clear out the karmic debris, uncomfortable as that might be for us. Life is Love, and love wants growth, and will not shy away from working through obstacles, or roadblocks that Saturn might put in our path. In Dhanishta the symbol is a mridanga (drum) and a flute, and it is about rhythm, and a brilliant creative capacity related to the Muses. Saturn will ask that we perform our karma yoga duties, yet with the spirit of joy as we offer selfless service to others. Dhanishta is a nakshatra that can make us wealthy in mind and spirit - refining our character, thoughts and actions. And we will be better off for it. Saturn is the comic taskmaster of the pantheon and requires true work.

ECLIPSES in 2022

The two eclipse cycles in 2022 will be in April-May and October-November. Each cycle has a sequence of solar and lunar eclipses. The 2022 eclipse cycles occur mostly in the Aries-Libra axis. 

Eclipses are times of powerful psychological transformation, where the planets representing the soul (Sun) and the mind (Moon), the two luminaries, have their light briefly obscured. The dimming of the light outside, invites us to explore the source of light within.

Art by David Hoffrichter

Art by David Hoffrichter

What can we expect from the ECLIPSE cycles in 2022?

  • April-May eclipses, a collective clearing of the stuck energies of 2020-2021
  • October-November eclipses, a sense of deeper understanding about life

April 30th, 4:41 pm  ET - Partial SOLAR Eclipse

  • Eclipse in Aries, New Moon
  • Sun and Moon at 16 deg Aries
  • Bharani nakshatra
  • The first eclipse cycle of 2022 starts in Bharani, where it brings us the ability to access a deep transformation, and accept the death of ways of being that no longer serve us - personally and collectively. This eclipse will only be visible on the southern tip of South America and Antarctica - repeating the pattern of 2021 with eclipses in the Arctic and Antarctica. This is a not so subtle warning about Climate Change, global warming, and the ice glaciers melting. In 2022 there are two eclipses in Bharani (April Solar, November Lunar) bringing up a deeper appreciation for the Divine Feminine aspect. The Sun is Exalted in Aries, yet in Bharani it can be creative and soft, and even compromise its independence to be with a partner. The Moon will experience its sensual and passionate nature, as expressed in sexuality. Bharani is ruled by Venus, which will be exalted in Pisces. All points to an opportunity to experience the Sacred Union, Shiva-Shakti, Yin-Yang, with healing and joy in deep tantric meditation.

May 16th, 0:11 am ET - Total LUNAR Eclipse

  • Eclipse in Scorpio, Full Moon
  • Moon at 1 deg Scorpio
  • Vishakha nakshatra
  • The 2022 eclipses will be less intense than in 2021 - as there is a Solar eclipse first, and a Lunar eclipse for completion, and that will generate a lot less emotional disturbances. There will be a sense of collective clearing after the long winter, and a first taste of what life post-Covid could look like. Vishakha is a nakshatra of groups and celebrations, and the mood will be high. The eclipse begins overnight in later Libra, and during the evening there will be a sense of crossing a threshold into a heavenly, multi-dimensional reality. The eclipse completes though with the Moon in Scorpio, approaching its debilitation degree. The paradox is that the feeling post eclipse-high might be that heaven is somewhere else but not here and now, and that can create dissatisfaction with our current circumstances. We can choose to change and transform, inspired by the visions of this eclipse cycle, and not fall back in the sense of lack (jealousy, possessiveness). We should get on with the task of finding the divinity within, and its accompanying, ever-present abundance.

October 25th, 7:00 am ET - Partial SOLAR Eclipse

  • Eclipse in Libra, New Moon
  • Sun and Moon at 7 deg Libra
  • Swati nakshatra
  • This eclipse has a positive energy, as the Sun, Moon and Venus will be exactly conjunct in Libra. The themes of relationships, love, arts and sociability will be important - and with the entrepreneurial Swati nakshatra signal the potential for a Winter season where business, travel, hospitality are part of life again. The Eclipse will be visible in Europe and will bring some development specific to that region around partnerships. The April Solar Eclipse had the Sun exalted, with the invitation to recognize the Divine Feminine. Now with this October eclipse, the Sun is debilitated, and there might be a feeling of insecurity. The lower choice is to try to dominate and impose our will. The highest choice is to recognize our need for others, in a supportive relationship. Here the Feminine is present with both Moon and Venus, in exact conjunction with the Sun, which brings out the heart qualities of these planets. A sense of refinement in communication, exchange of ideas, understanding the ways of the world and a harmonious way of living with others. If we accept the invitation and elevate our vibration to match the eclipse energy, our relationships will blossom.

November 8th, 5:59 am ET - Total LUNAR Eclipse

  • Eclipse in Aries, Full Moon
  • Moon at 21 deg Aries
  • Bharani nakshatra
  • The final eclipse of the year will be visible in the northern latitudes, and over the Arctic. The eclipse cycle of 2022 completes as it started, with the Moon in Bharani, a nakshatra ruled by Venus - and with a deep transformational quality around relationships. It shows that there is some knowledge that will be dawning upon us collectively, an understanding about life, the spiritual yama / ni-yama (do’s and don’ts) of Yoga. The Moon stands at its Full Moon power in Aries, yet by its-Self. The Sun, accompanied by Mercury and Venus, are at the opposite sign of Libra in Vishakha nakshatra, yet their light illuminates the Moon. The Sun has learned to start revealing itself, moving from pure material achievement into a more spiritual life. Mercury brings a curiosity into how to balance the material with a growing interest in spirituality. Venus now understands how to develop further wisdom to take a more spiritual path. Taken together there is a rich blessing for us in 2022 if we are present with the Eclipses, and honor and cultivate the insights revealed and turn them into loving-kindness practice with all our relations.


KEY Astrological EVENTS in 2022

Art by Emily Balivet

Art by Emily Balivet


February 27th to March 5th, 2022

The Stellium is a celestial configuration where three or more planets are crossing the same section of the sky. Four planets - Mars (action, combat), Mercury (intellect, commerce), Venus (diplomacy, relationships), and Saturn (karma, longevity) - will be in the Sign of Capricorn for seven consecutive days starting February 27th, and joined by the Moon (mind, emotions) on February 28-29. The Stellium continues till March 5th. The majority of the time the planets will be in Dhanishta and Uttara Ashada nakshatras, bringing a realization that a simpler life can help with the expression of our talents and creativity, as focusing our attention on our internal reality. This can help us understand the value of selfless work, even when we are wealthy, and it brings out a quality of mind and spirit in us that is truly precious.

A signature of this Stellium is a long running planetary war (Yuddha) between Venus and Mars. This happens when two planets are on the same degree of the Zodiac. They are together, yet they have different agendas and modes of operation. Venus, by nature Water element, acts with harmony, diplomacy, respecting what was agreed upon. Mars, Fire element, is impulsive, disruptive, unexpected. When they are together, Venus can get aggravated by the impatience of Mars, and Mars can get frustrated by the perceived slowness of Venus. We carry both energies inside ourselves, so both streams will manifest in the external world. In general this period will not be good for relationships, and particularly with spouses and partners. The key to navigate this period is to not burn bridges, and instead use our spiritual practice to observe what it is that triggers us, and bring that part of ourselves in clear view, to be loved, refined and integrated.

RAHU-KETU in Aries-Libra

March 16th, 2022 to November 28th, 2023 (True Node)

The lunar nodes are astronomical points in the sky where the orbit of the Moon intersects the plane of the Sun (as viewed from the Earth). When this intersection happens, the three bodies are aligned, Sun, Moon and Earth, and it causes the Eclipses. If the Moon happens to be in front of the Sun viewed from the Earth, there is a solar eclipse, i.e. it appears that the disc of the Sun is covered. If the Moon happens to be behind the Earth during the alignment, there is a lunar eclipse, as it appears that the full Moon disc is covered.

In Vedic Astrology, these lunar nodes are named Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node). They have an energetic status equal to the other planets of the solar system, and are considered chaya (shadowy) grahas. They are both related to the karmic stream that propels us from lifetime to lifetime. Rahu represents the new karma or actions we want to take. Ketu represents our past life karma. Rahu indicates areas of life where there is a strong, primal interest in this current incarnation. Sometimes to the point of obsession. Rahu goes about pursuing these areas with much gusto, but usually with a certain inexperience and ruthlessness, as these areas of life were not fully explored before. By a combination of greed, short-sightedness and a certain naïveté, Rahu tends to get us into trouble. Ketu on the other hand, is related to the experiences we had in past lives, to the point where we have had enough of them. This leads Ketu to create a certain distance in the areas of life it affects, either through outright rejection of those areas, or trying to spiritualize those subjects, commonly known as “ spiritual bypassing.”

In 2022 Rahu-Ketu moves into the Aries / Libra axis, on March 16th (True Node) or April 12th (Mean Node). The True Node is the astronomical point, and Mean Node is the traditional scriptural Vedic calculation.

In Aries, Rahu is in its last Sign on the journey around the Zodiac, as it moves backwards. In general Rahu-Ketu have “revealed their hand” and we now know what was to be known, and understand ourselves better due to the experiences from the previous 18 year cycle that is just completing. We are closing a karmic cycle, and preparing to start a new cycle of experiences.

Rahu in Aries can thus bring some Wisdom collected and ready to be implemented, while the Ketu impact is more powerful, and more difficult to handle.

In 2022 Rahu in Aries, the Pioneer, will be transiting in Krittika and Bharani nakshatras. The Krittika transit lasts till early July, highlighting the innovation and intelligence of Rahu. From mid-July onwards, Rahu in Bharani will encourage excess, whether in sexuality or doing Yoga - it doesn’t know when to stop. There are high expectations of others. Rahu energy can be very rigid and powerful. The balance comes in that there will be some knowledge dawning upon us (courtesy of the past 18 years), that we can benefit from if we have the discipline and are organized. Here the yamas / ni-yamas of Yoga (spiritual do’s-and-don’ts) can be a great guideline.

Ketu in Libra, a Sign of Relationships, signals that there are some karmic issues that can come up for us. Relationships will be key in 2022 - as highlighted by the Eclipses happening in the Aries - Libra axis. Ketu will be transiting Vishakha (mid-February to mid-September) and Swati nakshatras (late-September onwards). In Vishakha Ketu can bring out past life issues with sexuality and the need to achieve impossible targets. Ketu is frustrated that it cannot find heaven in this life, yet needs to let go of the negative feelings. In Swati, Ketu’s frustration can boil over with a rejection of the world and bring up destructive storms. There is a need to take a more spiritual view of life, and this will bring harmony.

In a year where both Saturn and Jupiter are in good dignity in their Own Signs, it will be the Nodal Shift to Aries / Libra that will stir up us personally, and the world collectively.

For world events, an aggravation is being caused by the formation of a celestial configuration named Kal Sarpa Yoga, that lasts from mid-December 2021 to April 2022. This happens when all the planets are hemmed on one side of the Zodiac, flanked by Rahu and Ketu. This creates an imbalance of energies, and will ask us to be mindful in recognizing, accepting and managing our emotions. 


April 13th, 2022 to April 20th, 2023

Jupiter is the planet that brings us blessings and opens up benevolent opportunities. In the cosmic pantheon, Jupiter provides a balancing act to Saturn. Positively, 2022 will be a rare year when both Jupiter and Saturn are in Full Dignity, with Saturn transiting Capricorn and Aquarius (Own Signs). Jupiter in general wants to make life easier for us - guiding us on the right path, and giving us the blessings of good luck and synchronicities realized. There are no difficult connections of Jupiter in 2022, and his expansive energy will make things bigger and better in wherever House or area of life he is placed in.

During the first part of the year January to mid-April, Jupiter will be in Aquarius, and benefiting from the strength of the Sign dispositors (co-rulers) - Rahu exalted in Taurus and Saturn in its Own Sign Capricorn. Jupiter in Aquarius has been celebrated for thousands of years, as it comes after its period of Debilitation (in Capricorn in 2020 / 2021). The energy of Aquarius, a Sign of the Humanitarian, Social Revolutionary, Scientific Thinker - is asking us to help heal the world, thinking what we can do for other people, taking personal responsibility, nurturing ourselves through committed attention to the spiritual life. During January to March, Jupiter will be in Shatabhisha nakshatra, associated with health, healing and herbs. We can face our fears, including related to the on-going pandemic, and Jupiter will provide enough wisdom that we can recognise any failings in the current approach and turn the situation around. The final period in Aquarius in March to mid-April, Jupiter will be in Purva Bhadrapada, its own nakshatra, and having the wisdom of higher matters to be manifested. There will be a combination of answers coming from the material world, with trusting our own earned inner wisdom. In March, leading up to the Spring Equinox, Jupiter will be close to the Sun, and there is a need to take care to not suffer from burnout.

An early indication of what 2022 will bring comes traditionally with a reading of the horoscope on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, that is the New Moon on Pisces in the Hindu month Chaitra. This is considered Ugadi, a combination of Yuga + Adi, and it’s the day when Brahma started the Creation. It can presage the shared experience worldwide in the year ahead. In 2022, the Year is named Shubakritu, Shuba is Auspiciousness. This is positive as a contrast with the past many years where the Year Name was inauspicious. The New Moon will be on April 1st at 2:25am ET, with both the Moon and Sun in the auspicious nakshatra of Revati. The Vara (Day Lord) is Jupiter, compounding the positive omens for the year. For the USA the Sun and Moon fall on the 4H of Home, Happiness and Real Estate, indicating a good year ahead on the home front.

On April 13th, a truly magnificent period starts, with Jupiter in Pisces. Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac, imaginative, sensitive, poetic and mystical. Here Jupiter, as Guru, brings the wisdom to deal with life’s ups-and-downs, looking beyond our immediate circumstances, expanding our horizons and recognizing the big picture. It is where we plan for a better Future, for ourselves, the world and the Whole Earth. 

In 2022 Jupiter transits Purva Bhadrapada and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatras. First in Purva Bhadrapada (02-Mar to 27-Apr), Jupiter will encourage us to move ourselves to a Higher, more beautiful and spiritual place. In Uttara Bhadrapada (22-Apr to Feb’23), Jupiter will bring a connection with deep spirituality and living a simpler life - finishing tasks that were left unfinished and improving our quality of life, granting us graciousness and contentment. We recognize that blessings are also on a more subtle plane, rather than just the ordinary reality.


January-April 2022 and July 2022 to January 2023

Saturn has a strong signature in 2022, being in Capricorn and Aquarius, in its Own Signs and good dignity. Saturn, as the planet of karma, tells us things that we should follow, such as work ethics, take responsibility for our actions, do our duty, offer selfless service as karma yogis, not over consuming, being patient and calm, not always take the easy route, yet persevere and be rewarded with lots being accomplished. Being dharmic in our conduct.

We will collectively be recognizing the facets of Saturn in Capricorn - as the government, top-down regulations, that can oscillate from the cautious and prudent, to the control freak. This year will be the peak of the government interference in daily life - prompted by the onset of the Covid pandemic. Saturn has been in Capricorn since January 2020, and likely Covid, or at least the heavy-handed government response, will be directing much of our lives till January 2023 when Saturn moves into Aquarius. This period with the multiple world issues, from Covid and its restrictions, travel disruptions, work-from-home, closing of commerce and restaurants, take outs, drive by curbside shopping, general uncertainty, over regulation, a certain arbitrariness, have been an irritant and a source of frustration, and we can see the anger manifesting in world issues - with a paralysis in the world politics. Personally, the best way to utilize the Capricorn energy has been to plan our lives so we can make the most of any opportunity that arises.


April 28th - July 11th, 2022 and January 2023 - March 2025

SATURN in Aquarius main impact will be in 2023, yet we might have a taste for what life can look like without restrictions over the late Spring / early Summer period. This is when Saturn makes a 2.5 months inroad into Aquarius. Aquarius is a Sign that wants to help Humanity, through Social progress and Scientific advances. Here Saturn takes a turn for the collective.  Whereas in Capricorn Saturn focused on us taking responsibility for our own karma, in Aquarius it is about the world karma. What have we done? What are we responsible for? How are we going to deal with world issues? 

It will be very disconcerting for the governments - that have had a tremendous control of the life of their citizens during the Covid years (Saturn in Capricorn). Now Saturn wants to empower The People, the workers, the non-profits, the community associations - to liberate the goal of the causes that hindered the evolution of Humanity and the Earth. 

We should take the opportunity to notice the Humanitarian stream, and enjoy it while it lasts - as the pendulum will swing back to Capricorn late Summer. And, we can hold the Hope that January 2023 to March 2025 - Saturn will get down to the task of helping Humanity. We can expect a complete transformation - one that we will be ready for, after all we have collectively suffered through together.

Saturn will be in Dhanishta nakshatra from mid February onward. Here comes the realization that true wealth is spiritual wealth, and can only come through selfless work, letting go of personal ego agendas, and working with compassion and higher ideals for the Universal Good. We will be willing to fight for our rights versus some of the Capricorn-induced government overreach, and also do a lot of service to others - which we will realize is service to ourselves.

art by Pieter Weltevrede

ROHINI Nakshatra

Art by Pieter Weltevrede


May 3rd, 2022

This is known as the “indestructible day”, where everything started on this date will turn out to be auspicious. It is the one day in the year where both the Sun (Aries) and the Moon (Taurus) are in their signs of exaltation. In ancient times, it was common to buy gold on this day, looking to have the wealth effect multiply. In these modern times, a wiser investment is to seed good actions, such as donations, charitable work, helping a friend or elder. Supporting dharma, we will support ourselves and all beings. In 2022 Akshaya Tritiya will be commemorated in May, when the northern hemisphere will be celebrating Spring and flowers blooming. It will take place on a #3 day on a Tuesday (related to Hanuman). Any meritorious actions taken on this day, will produce auspicious fruits many times over. This year the Sun will be in Bharani nakshatra (ruled by VENUS), and the Moon in Rohini nakshatra (ruled by MOON). This reinforces many other aspects pointing to a Divine Feminine quality to 2022 - including the Eclipses. 

Shiva and Shakti




How will it look for each Number

Om gang ganpataye namah.

Calculating your birthday and year cycle # for 2022 use the following method. Add together:

  • the number of the month
  • day of birth
  • year for which prediction is made (22) using the last 2 digits only
  • day of the week your birthday falls on (check below).



Add all of this together and the number that results from this addition becomes the number of the projected year.

NOTE: As this summary is very general it can only provide an overall idea of what is to come. For more precise possibilities one should consider having one’s personalized chart done and consult a competent numerologist or astrologer, experienced and gifted in such matters.


Important year of significant changes. Difficulties and problems that have existed for many years will vanish. One develops a new outlook. One hones down to the essentials and shines bright like a sun. One will feel lucky, special and receives help from people, especially people in authority and the government. One feels more healthy, robust and progressive about all one’s involvements. There will be easier success in business if one gets focused, organized and plans ahead as it is a cycle of new beginnings, so sowing seeds. One will meet interesting people that provide impetus for new directions. One will be less fearful, anxious or insecure. One will work hard however experience less stress.  One will achieve name and fame, especially in competitions. This is also an excellent cycle for buying something new, starting a new venture or investment scheme. For artists/musicians this will be a superb year to make a significant societal contribution and or composition.


This cycle will bring an increase in personal happiness, richer magnetism, and feeling attractive to others. As well as new friends, who will be helpful in the future. Overall there will be less worry and stress, yet deeper emotionality superseded by more practicality. One will experience benefit from real estate and find a new house/home/apartment and an overall improved living situation through patience and good planning. One will experience profound changes in the way one thinks and perceives. The most important factor will be to observe the necessity of worrying and hurrying less and thereby becoming more conscious of each moment.


This will bring more knowledge and practical everyday wisdom. It will be a time to complete old projects and get ready for a major shift and life transformation during the year. One will meet new acquaintances that will become friends. Overall an auspicious year as it brings financial gain, name and honor in society if one efforts to express oneself clearly. This is a meaningful cycle for writers and orators. These people should be careful as the influence of Jupiter can make them exaggerate the truth and make them frank and fearless that could get them into trouble. It is a very good cycle for planning the next venue and or getting a job promotion. Not good for lawsuits however and also a time to tests one’s new friends before trusting them completely.


This year will bring success with difficulties. There will be strength, undisturbed by unforeseen troubles and obstacles. There is alertness, hard work, and calm. There are also financial gains, increased sources of income, and financial stability. You will experience new ventures, such as a new house or apartment. This year will also be auspicious, for one may get married, but if one does not want to marry officially, one gets a life partner. Married people with no children get a child. This year is good for relationships with friends and life partners. It is not successful for love affairs and romance. It will be good for relations with government officials and men of authority. This year will be good for traveling, spiritual pursuits and religious activities.


This year will be a year of success and financial stability. It brings an increase in one's circle of friends. It is also good for business and businessmen. It will be good for traveling and for going abroad on business or for enjoyment. It will be good for partnership in business. It is a time to be conscious while talking, and also to be conscious while signing a deal or a contract. It is good for those employed in the media and communications business: writers, poets, actors, entertainers, radio artists, and journalists. It will be good for appearing in competitions and taking risks. It will be a memorable year.


Year number 6 is good for family relationships, free from the problems of household affairs. It is also good for romance and conceiving a child. It is good for interior decorators, actors, musicians, poets, and painters as well as for filmmakers, theatre people, and those involved in show business. Good for jewelers and people involved in the perfume business. It will be good for spending on decoration, entertainment, and enjoyment. It is a time to get employment, for those who are unemployed. It is a time to deal with items of beauty, sensual enjoyment, worldly pleasure, and gifts. This year also brings the chance of getting unexpected wealth and a raise in salary.


This year will hold misunderstandings and difficulties. There will be difficulties in business: more work, less profit. Success in such things as court cases and law suits. It will also be a year to test friends and helpers and to avoid unnecessary discussion. Devote energy to the healing arts, astrology, practice of Tantra, magic, and hypnosis. Take fewer risks and be conscious in love affairs and romance; there are chances of getting a bad name. Remain optimistic and undisturbed if one desires success in jobs undertaken. A patient and optimistic attitude will solve problems and remove obstacles. The difficulties are only a test. This will also be a good year for healers, astrologers, and those involved in occult sciences.


This year will be good for politicians, social workers, and people involved in the iron and steel industry. It brings the opportunity to start a new venture. It will be poor in the area of health. Precautions are needed; for example, avoid stress, excitement, and anxiety. Use more juices and spices, which clean the blood and strengthen the heart. Use pearl powder (mukta pishti) and powdered blue sapphire (neelam pishti). It is a time to gain success in worldly matters; one should use one's energy to become more creative. The right use of energy will bring good luck. It is good for gaining victory over enemies, and in lawsuits. It is a time to become independent, to rely on one's own resources and judgment. It is good for social work.


This year will be a year of completion, success, and good fortune. It is a time for fulfillment of desires, for organizing oneself and a year of gaining favors from men of authority and government officials. It will also bring slight disagreements - a harmful exchange of harsh words with an officer is possible. There will be success in combat and competitions and honor by society. There is a chance of unexpected financial gains, through a lottery, inheritance, or other source. During this year, one should also avoid doubting and perfectionism. By devoting more energy to spiritual pursuits, the year will bring good results.

* * *

Art by Carol Cavalaris


I AM Goddess
I AM Creatress
I AM Love, Harmony, and Power,
And so are YOU.
Within Infinite Love,
as we all become a more willing apprentice of Life
Let us meet each other with unconditional positive regard.


लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings in the entire Universe be happy and free.


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