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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh you can't help that”, said the cat, “We are all mad here. I am mad. You are mad."
"How do you know i am mad?" said Alice.
"You must be", said the cat, “or you would not have come here."

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

That about sums it up. Everything will become wilder, faster, crazier still in this new cycle. A number “4” year. Comprised of the “2”, MOON, the "0" of the cosmic void, and the double digit “11”, the SUN, who does not like being second fiddle at the best of times.

This is a #4 year, ruled by RAHU!

This is a #4 year, ruled by RAHU, the north node of the moon, a shadowy graha and the driver wheel of the evolutionary spiral that propels humanity forward and upward. Karma due: collective and personal. It is all about the lessons we must embrace, ready or not, here we are. Luckily this year is actually full of "royal "surprises.

The MOON, # 2, and the SUN, # 1 are considered the royal emissaries of the cosmic pantheon and subsequently we will have a major show down here, between feeling and thinking. Feeling effects the "internal" environment in which decisions are made. Emotions effect whether you get the opportunities you want, as without feeling we cannot be successful. And RAHU is a thinker and a schemer. We will have to give evolutionary priority to our intuitive self, as the MOON, # 2, is still the primary digit and influence vibrationally. One of those important recognitions will be around the fact that the quality of intention determines the capacity of our attention. Attention is called for, to every breath, thought and deed. To become fully cognizant of the fact that we are individually and collectively responsible for managing our goal of spiritual and economic independence and harmonious interdependence, based on tolerance and compassion. In this cosmology we are obliged to honor the principles of dharma, artha, kama and moksha in our ambitions, and it seems to me this will require a major down scaling on the external while becoming beacons of high frequency amplifiers that can transform the molasses of our greed, selfishness and negative emotions. Time has come for the human race to change its relationship to people, places and things, as none is sustainable in the old ways. RAHU will take us toward radical discoveries of our Light and Dark Mirrors, which will both reflect the extreme poles of human consciousness. High math conveyed in a symbolic form will influence biological and genetic sciences. New brain technologies will become more visible and public. And, all this will come through the famous Rahuian upheaval, rebellion and reactionary showdowns.

In this turning point year where Chaos will predominate, we will find ourselves confronting radical possibilities. Free fall!

Inflation rising. Anxiety rising. Ambiguity rising. Will our skills match the speed required?

Survival skills are primarily mental. Our Psychology (MOON) determines our Physiology (SUN), our substance here on Bhumi, the Earth. Suppose technology fails. Have you pondered your world with more self-reliance, sustainability and educated your self on "how to do without", both urban and rural?

Preparation is the key! Do not read a "how to swim book" when the boat is going down. Water helps to regulate body temperature. Invest in a portable water filter/ionizer, examine you water sources (MOON), and learn about food, herbology, transportation alternatives. Collect rain. Investigate alternative energy sources. In other words this # 4 RAHU year will force a few issues and ask us to become innovators, radial thinkers, implementers and pioneers in arenas we all faintly heard about. Our fates will be mysteriously electrifying, rapid in speed, wild in momentum and change direction of course a few times during this year. Fate though, is always open to negotiation. Destiny is just what you run into when you run out of willpower!  So let us hope that many will awaken at lightning speed and realize it will never be as it used to be, ever again. We must change and encourage and support one another to change. Some times a breakdown can be the beginning of a breakthrough, a way of living in advance through a trauma that prepares us for a future of radical transformation. This 2011 cycle is a screaming invitation to global unity consciousness. Being real with shadow and substance. We need to be prepared to extreme shocks of collective awakening, remembering that each person carries an incredible story behind their face.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings its tune - without words,
And never stops at all,
And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash a little bird
That kept so many warm.

~ Emily Dickinson

Meditate and lift your own vibrations.  The prescription will be to embody higher frequency states, as we mature our souls and live in more gratitude, humility and interconnectivity. "Stop the war within your-selves and it will stop all wars."  Stop negative emotions and selfish behavior, practice tolerance, forgiveness and compassion. A tall order for RAHU, an extremist, a very radical and selfish vibration - never really satisfied, yet also capable of extreme pole shifts and outrageously daring behavior.

As Dr David Frawley says in his current newsletter:

"The fact is that the world is unpredictable, not what it appears to be. While forces may continue in a certain direction for a time, they can shift in a radical way. Even in our daily life we have the day and the night and their quick change from one to another. This unpredictability of life, though it causes us many problems, is not necessarily bad. The world is a magical place that we never need get bored with, if we are willing to look anew at every movement. What we see outwardly are only symbols, indications and connections with something greater, ultimately with the entire universe. All that we see are but doorways to a deeper reality, not the reality themselves. The question is whether we open these doors or take the door itself as final and never walk through it to the other side.

We should always try to look and probe more deeply in life starting with the everyday factors of our lives from our own thought, breath and action. When you see someone well known to you next time, for example, look a little deeper and you will find something new or different about him or her. When you go out into nature the next time, try to look beyond the veil of appearances to the inner light, law and intelligence through which nature works.
We live in a world of Maya, which means a universe of great mystery, magic, hidden dimensions, secret energies and occult forces. Most of these forces are beneficent, with a certain delight that can be found at the core of all that we encounter. Yet there are dangerous forces, negative emotions, and manipulative energies that we cannot underestimate as well. Spiritual sciences like Yoga or Vedic astrology help us understand and work with both. The ignorant see only the surface of life and are content with a surface view of themselves. The wise take nothing for granted and always look more deeply, finding a vastness everywhere within and without."

RAHU points us toward KARMA

Karma means that whatever we do, with our bodies, speech, or minds, will have a corresponding result. Each action, even the smallest, is pregnant with its consequences. It is said by the masters that even a little poison can cause death, and even a tiny seed can become a huge tree. And as Buddha said: “Do not overlook negative actions merely because they are small; however small a spark may be, it can burn down a haystack as big as a mountain.”

Similarly he said: “Do not overlook tiny good actions, thinking they are of no benefit even tiny drops of water in the end will fill a huge vessel.”

Karma does not decay like external things, or ever become inoperative. It cannot be destroyed “by time, fire, or water.” Its power will never disappear, until it is ripened.

Karma is one of the most important concepts in Hinduism. Karma is an imprint in one's Mind. The karma incurred by a person through his actions determines the course of his life upon earth and his progression into the higher worlds. Since karma is a correcting and regulating mechanism, our actions have the potential to mitigate our suffering or intensify it. Karma is meant to teach us lessons. If we learn quickly, we will make progress towards perfection. If not we will be presented with much harder options till we realize our mistakes and correct them. Good deeds result in inner peace and happiness while bad deeds result in negative consequences for ourselves and our dependent souls.

A person's karma affects a person in two ways. The first is his disposition. The second and more important way karma affects a person is by affecting his experience. Our experiences, our feelings of joy or suffering, come mainly from our reaction to perceptual inputs. The existing and revolving heavenly Planets have a significant impact and influence on the lives of human beings on the earth. Newton’s Law in modern science tells us every action has a reaction of its own. In the same way, the planets have their positions during the time of our birth so as to bless or disadvantage us, all depending upon the sins or good deeds called Karma caused by us in the earlier births.
Vedic Astrology discloses the influences of the 9 planets in a cyclic order. While you are having good times or facing difficulties in the present life, the remedies towards the planets will increase the blessings and decrease the worries, in the course of time. Through the transits, the planets are able to increase, decrease or neutralize the effects of the major and minor periods and even change the results considerably.
Among the 9 planets there are Natural Benefics and Natural Malefics. As per a person’s Ascendant on his/her birth chart, a natural benefic may turn as a functional malefic planet and a natural malefic may turn as a functional benefic planet. These are dependent upon the sign/house lordship of a particular planet with respect to a horoscope. Mainly we are taking the chart at the time of your birth (known as “Rasi”chart), as well as the “Navamsa”chart (showing the planets’ positions precisely by dividing each Sign into 9 equal parts).

May the longtime sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure, pure light that's within you
Guide your way home

~ Yogi Bhajan

We must follow the Light of our Wisdom, until it leads us to the Light of our Truth.

The way to propitiate RAHU is through chanting the following mantra:


Projecting into the future: How will it look for each number:

Calculating your birthday and cycle # for 2011 use the following method. Add together:

the number of the month
day of birth
year for which prediction is made ( 11 ) using the last 2 digits only

day of the week your birthday falls on (check below).


Add all of this together and the number that results from this addition becomes the number of the projected year.

-double check your additions- or maybe use our convenient online vedic year calculator.

NOTE: As this summary is very general it can only provide an overall idea of what is to come. For more precise possibilities one should consider having ones personalized chart done and consult a competent numerologist or astrologer, experienced and gifted in such matters.

Year cycle #1, ruled by the SUN

Important year of significant changes. Difficulties and problems that have existed for many years will vanish. One develops a new outlook. One hones down to the essentials and shines bright like a sun. One will feel lucky, special and receives help from people, especially people in authority and the government. One feels more healthy, robust and progressive about all ones involvements. There will be easier success in business if one gets focused, organized and plans ahead as it is a cycle of new beginnings, so sowing seeds. One will meet interesting people that provide impetus for new directions. One will be less fearful, anxious or insecure. One will work hard however experience less stress.  One will achieve name and fame, especially in competitions. This is also an excellent cycle for buying something new, starting a new venture or investment scheme. For artists/musicians this will be a superb year to make a significant societal contribution and or composition.

Year cycle #2 ruled by the MOON

This cycle will bring an increase in personal happiness, richer magnetism, and feeling attractive to others. As well as new friends, who will be helpful in the future. Overall there will be less worry and stress, yet deeper emotionality superseded by more practicality.  One will experience benefit from real estate and find a new house/home/apartment and an overall improved living situation through patience and good planning. One will experience profound changes in the way one thinks and perceives. The most important factor will be to observe the necessity of worrying and hurrying less and thereby becoming more conscious of each moment.

Year cycle # 3 ruled by JUPITER

This will bring more knowledge and practical everyday wisdom. It will be a time to complete old projects and get ready for a major shift and life transformation during the year. One will meet new acquaintances that will become friends. Overall an auspicious year as it brings financial gain, name and honor in society if one efforts to express oneself clearly. This is a meaningful cycle for writers and orators. These people should be careful as the influence of Jupiter can make them exaggerate the truth and make them frank and fearless that could get them into trouble. It is a very good cycle for planning the next venue and or getting a job promotion. Not good for lawsuits however and also a time to tests ones new friends before trusting them completely.

Year cycle #4 ruled by RAHU

This year will bring success with difficulties. There will be strength, undisturbed by unforeseen troubles and obstacles. There is alertness, hard work, and calm. There are also financial gains, increased sources of income, and financial stability. You will experience new ventures, such as a new house or apartment. This year will also be auspicious, for one may get married, but if one does not want to marry officially, one gets a life partner. Married people with no children get a child. This year is good for relationships with friends and life partners. It is not successful for love affairs and romance. It will be good for relations with government officials and men of authority. This year will be good for traveling, spiritual pursuits and religious activities.

Year cycle #5 ruled by MERCURY

This year will be a year of success and financial stability. It brings an increase in one's circle of friends. It is also good for business and businessmen. It will be good for traveling and for going abroad on business or for enjoyment. It will be good for partnership in business. It is a time to be conscious while talking, and also to be conscious while signing a deal or a contract. It is good for those employed in the media and communications business: writers, poets, actors, entertainers, radio artists, and journalists. It will be good for appearing in competitions and taking risks. It will be a memorable year.

Year cycle #6 ruled by VENUS

Year number 6 is good for family relationships, free from the problems of household affairs. It is also good for romance and conceiving a child. It is good for interior decorators, actors, musicians, poets, and painters as well as for filmmakers, theatre people, and those involved in show business. Good for jewelers and people involved in the perfume business. It will be good for spending on decoration, entertainment, and enjoyment. It is a time to get employment, for those who are unemployed. It is a time to deal with items of beauty, sensual enjoyment, worldly pleasure, and gifts. This year also brings the chance of getting unexpected wealth and a raise in salary.

Year cycle #7 ruled by KETU

This year will hold misunderstandings and difficulties. There will be difficulties in business: more work, less profit. Success in such things as court cases and law suits. It will also be a year to test friends and helpers and to avoid unnecessary discussion. Devote energy to the healing arts, astrology, practice of Tantra, magic, and hypnosis. Take fewer risks and be conscious in love affairs and romance; there are chances of getting a bad name. Remain optimistic and undisturbed if one desires success in jobs undertaken. A patient and optimistic attitude will solve problems and remove obstacles. The difficulties are only a test. This will also be a good year for healers, astrologers, and those involved in occult sciences.

Year cycle #8 ruled by SATURN

This year will be good for politicians, social workers, and people involved in the iron and steel industry. It brings the opportunity tot start a new venture. it will poor in the area of health. Precautions are needed; for example, avoid stress, excitement, and anxiety. Use more juices and spices, which clean the blood and strengthen the heart. Use pearl powder (mukta pishti) and powdered blue sapphire (neelam pishti). It is a time to gain success in worldly matters; one should use one' energy to become more creative. The right use of energy will bring good luck. It is good for gaining victory over enemies, and in lawsuits. It is a time to become independent, to rely on one's own resources and judgment. It is good for social work.

Year cycle #9 ruled MARS

This year will be a year of completion, success, and good fortune. It is a time for fulfillment of desires, for organizing oneself and a year of gaining favors from men of authority and government officials. It will also bring slight disagreements - a harmful exchange of harsh words with an officer is possible. There will be success in combat and competitions and honor by society. There is a chance of unexpected financial gains, through a lottery, inheritance, or other source. During this year, one should also avoid doubting and perfectionism. By devoting more energy to spiritual pursuits, the year will bring good results.

Christina Richã Devi

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