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Have the insider astro nuggets for 2023 at your fingertips!

Daily, precisely calculated Nakshatras transits of the entire 12 months This is a priceless tool to select auspicious times and avoid troublesome transits re major decisions.

To receive a printable copy of my 2023 Nakshatra calendar, send $25.

5 FEBRUARY 2023 FROM 11:00 to 12:30
via ZOOM

Who do you want to be in 2023

a ZOOM seminar to guide you through the planetary transits to optimize your year with your new vision.

Fee: $25.00 via PayPal (prepaid).

The ZOOM link for the event will be sent once you register via email and PayPal me.

13 FEBRUARY 2023 FROM 18:00
90 min (via ZOOM) - Ongoing, EVERY MONDAY, 12 Weeks


The study of VEDIC NUMEROLOGY, covering all NINE planets, their attributes and their directives for our Life's journey, utilizing your own birth data.

Fee: $420.00 via PayPal (prepaid).

The ZOOM link for the event will be sent once you register via email and PayPal me.


24 NOVEMBER 2023 TO 15 DECEMBER 2023
IN India

Look after your body or you will have nowhere to live.

The most exciting news is that I will be taking a small group to the south of India for the month of November 2023, to experience a full immersion Pancha Karma purification in a remote location on holy ground. Daily medical consultations by a highly gifted world renowned Vaidya, strictly ayurvedic treatments, yoga, pranayama, meditation and only light sattvic cuisine or fasting to support the cellular detoxification process resulting in a balance of your doshas and supreme equanimity, a lightness of being. Kindly connect right away as the spots are truly few, limited rooms already. You can only benefit from aligning with this intent and preparing well to immerse yourself deeply in a body/mind detox that will be unique and unforgettable and continue to become your best old age health insurance.

Pre-registration open NOW!

Kindly enquire for more information, an application form and all logistical details.

I am inviting spiritually mature, emotionally self sufficient and responsible friends to apply immediately.

Rather than seeing the body as a complex machine that has somehow learned to think, AYURVEDA understands that we are non - material beings that created our bodies.
~ Paul Dugliss M.D. from: Ayurveda and the Yoga of Emotions

Health does not merely mean the state of not having a disease. Ayurveda considers health to be a balanced state of constitution (dosha), metabolic fire (agni), bodily tissues (dhatu), and waste processes (mala). Health is where soul (atma), all senses (indriya), and mind (manasa) remain connected in an excellent state of happiness.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance is essential to join the group. Research Air travel to Mangalore to arrive on Nov 23rd and depart Dec 15th from same. Contact us now to ensure fluid communication. Anything can change at any moment!

A Time for Healing

Lotus In everyone's life span comes a time of crisis and with it a time for healing. The crisis is rarely decided upon, although many omens leading up to same are oftentimes ignored until the actual shock hits. Pain, loss, grief and sadness appear suddenly and with it the choice and options to constructively yield to the inevitable. A time for healing however is a focused intent. It is a mindful choice to connect with ones higher purpose to embrace the soul's journey, salute the spirit in ones existence with wisdom and compassion. It is time to become sensitive to the hidden aspects of oneself and the larger human community. To realize ones mortality and become acutely aware of the human condition we all share here in earth school. To accept and transcend the dramas of everyday life and instead more fully embrace the dance of the great mystery of human life.

It is time to release the patterns of the past and not fret about the future. To slow down sufficiently to re-connect with ones breath, the earth, her seasons and cycles, to find beauty in small treasures. To put ones mind in ones feet and walk more caringly on the earthmother and draw healing from the very matrix of the universe. To enhance ones spiritual perception, become open to magic and small pleasures and to re-assess ones practical needs. To celebrate the soul's awakening in a more creatively expressive way, to claim ones autonomy and be taught by ones ancient inner knowing.

This can happen in many ways. A healing time is a time of profound personal empowerment. To decidedly commit to be living from within a sacred space at all times and attuned to ones soul purpose. "Everything that lives wants attention, and the human soul is no exception - it thrives when it knows itself perceived with compassion and reverence." When I work with a person, I attempt to look at their soul self and observe the direction it wishes to move in. Then I look at the self-created obstructions in the body-mind dynamics that block the soul's free movement. If the person is willing to transform and able to commit to a healing journey, I support them in recognizing their soul's desire and via various immune enhancing tools guide them into the perceptual shape shifting needed to come to the next level of beingness in their evolutionary cycle. To open to personal alchemy. To grow beyond what they know themselves to be thus far.

Thought this process is essentially simple, it is sometimes challenging and sometimes great, depending on the rigidity and clinging of the person's mental pattern and their subsequent emotional entanglements. In my work as a healer my biggest task is to encourage the person to invite themselves into a healing time. To cross over the bridges of fear, worry, disease and confusions that prevent them from living full, happy and healthy lives. To understand the necessity for beauty, play, ceremony, retreats and healing holidays. To not see this as a luxury or as frivolous, not as selfish, not as crazy. So many times I am confronted with clients agreeing that my suggestions of perhaps taking a vision quest, of moving to a brighter home, of enrolling in an art course of their choice, of committing to ongoing therapy for a while, of taking the trip to the Caribbean they always dreamed of, are a good idea, but for reasons connected with old worn out patterns of self limitation they are unable to jump into the abyss of the unknown and risk facing their new self. It is almost tragic. Time and time again I witness people stuck in judgement, constriction and non-trust of the universal resources, when they are within an inch of opening to a healing time for themselves. Perhaps for the first time and perhaps for the best time in their lives. Inner work bears fruit when spiritual perception is brought into the everyday activities and during a healing time a person's soul has a rare and wonderfully unique opportunity to become attuned to their true destiny and be more fully human. A healing time is a turning point in a human life span. In my work with people suffering from all kinds of immune disorders, I have learned that the immune system is strongly affected by feelings and that taking certain kinds of action, such as entering a committed healing time, can affect the immune system positively.

There are now multiple options to awaken the possible human. To enter a discovery process about wholeness and the journey of healing. For many, it is as simple as to just keep laughing in the face of their perceived obstacles, to discover the fire in the belly and the spirit of soul in their eyes and the eyes of the world. To insist on hope and recovery. To creatively engage the imagination so it may revitalize the body. For others it may take the form of a meditation retreat, of time in the wilderness, of moving to an urban area, of simplifying their lifestyle or letting go of people and places one has outgrown a long time ago. For some a dream vacation to a place of empowerment may serve as the catalyst for a healing time, and for most it is just sufficient to break out of the mold of their perceived persona and release the mind mesh that entraps them. A healing time is a time of purification, a time of rebirth, a time of coming into the grace of ones place in creation. It is available to us all.


REFUND POLICY: Once registration for any selected service, workshop or retreat has been accepted and confirmed, all monies are non refundable.

TRAVELS : OMpalace YogaVidya reserves the right to cancel any tours due to insufficient enrollment or for any other circumstances beyond our control. Should a tour be cancelled, all payments will be returned. However, OMpalace YogaVidya (Christina Richa Devi) is not responsible for reimbursing nonrefundable airline ticket purchases or other incurred costs. For this and other reasons travel insurance is highly recommended.

REGISTRATION, Terms and conditions: All participants agree, prior to enrollment in any program, to complete and forward the discretionary application form provided. Enrollment is subject to satisfactory review of all applications. Course participation requires adherence to all course guidelines and may be terminated in the event of repeated violations.

Qualifications for applications to any workshop, intensive or retreat



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