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Chakra Healing
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Chakras, the movement dynamics of our energy in motion.

The psychic centers of our energy attunement capacity are ever evolving as we are.

Although ancient in their concept, of yogic origin, and much promoted since their rediscovery, recent scientific exploration and integration into the western path of psychoneuroimmunology, they are driver wheels we experience with every breath, while at the same time subtle in their manifestation in our etheric body. Our aura, our overall vibrational field. If they all harmonize and energy flows freely thru the central, spinal, pathway we experience purity of heart, health of body and liberation of spirit. We are connected to the cosmos heaven and earth via the celestial plane of the nine luminaries and their corresponding Chakras.

Our BodyMindSpirit dynamics are a constant energy dance and engagements with atoms in the eternal dance of creation/destruction, Shiva/Shakti, the light and dark mirrors of our natal, karmic soul essence and body chemistry.

Learning about Chakra healing is beneficial in as far that it will help to illustrate and guide a person in their process of balancing their well being and manage their vitality and pranic life force in alignment with evolutionary principles.

Through a variety of breathing and meditation exercises as well as creative visualization on the shape, color and beeja sound of each Chakra wheel, we can explore which of our Chakras are attuned and which are dead/congested and not moving/activated. Understanding ones existence from the inside out also provides a more respectful relationship with the precise governing system that regulate our neurons effecting our immune responses and allowing a free and spontaneously ongoing co creative expression with the universe. That is the basis of Chakra healing.

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