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2012 - Time to know ourselves, time to transform ourselves!

To the Calendar
by Harish Johari (1964)

On your translucent body thin like paper, O worker!
How much burden have your borne.
Not the load of one, two, four, eight, or ten months;
All twelve months have you balanced on your body.

Who will know the Gita better than you?
You perform selfless actions, continuously, 24 hours.

Who does follow the Dharma better than you?
You fast everyday, quietly accept all that happens.

Who in the world can be more tolerant than you?
On your head is inserted a nail, and
Your back confronts the harshness of a concrete wall.
Every part of you is torn off.
Still, you tolerate every indignity and continue to act.
Even so, you have just a year to live.

This is the way of this world:
The one who is the most honest,
The one who loves the Dharma a lot,
The one who knows his Duty,
The one who remains the same in sorrow and happiness,
The one who is beautiful, and
Is the follower of the beautiful Shiva and the lover of Truth.
He is the recipient of all sorrows,
and his lifetime is similarly brief.

2012 The Promise and the Challenge - A Mercury Cycle!

The journey will continue at neck breaking speed. And Mercury will propel intellectual revolution worldwide. Comprised of the number of the Moon (2), the great void and portal of consciousness (0), the number of soul, Sun (1), and again the Moon (2), all in all this adds up to number 5, the number of Buddh - Mercury, reminding us not to sacrifice exalted virtues of truth for temporal measures.

Mercury being the smallest planet in our Solar System, somewhat rajasic in nature, due to a quicksilver like changeable nature, is the prince of the Vedic pantheon of the nine planets, ruling our vibratory playground. Mercury in Sanskrit is known as Kumar - for ever young -and implies the youth, vigour and optimism allowing us to connect with hope and looking to the cycles of nature renewing themselves. Buddh, which literally means "intellect", delivers the ready wit of pratiuttapanna mati, the shakti of the clever negotiator. The merchant like nature of Mercury, makes it takes risks and gamble (hopefully not with the future of mankind), and it is the wheeler dealer of the Zodiac, with an opportunistic streak. Mercury, also known as the "cosmic trickster," has a cunning component, can be manipulative and deceitful, and is always looking to learn and gain more advantage. Mercury is fond of travel and adventure, so this will be a good cycle to plan your always dreamt of expedition and vacation - with purpose - into new cultures and terrain. Mercury is a planet on the move.

After the chaotic experience of 2011 (#4 Rahu cycle) with its many harsh, abrupt and anxiety producing changes, 2012 suggests a far more positive potential to our rapid evolutionary transformation. Of course only if we own up to individual and collective responsibility to actively partake in this cosmic adventure. 2012 will necessitate for us to enter into the dialog with the "whole of things", the animals, the plants, the oceans, the atmosphere, the planet, not just human beings. We are ONE!


We will be challenged to be more conscious of vibratory interactivity in all dimensions conceivable. We will need to be the “somebody” we were meant to be, and inhabit and occupy the intellect in its highest aim. Occupy our essence. We may utilize Mercury in its inherent alchemical propensity to become more of a fluid instrument of the divine. Our job will be a steadfast engagement with a wholistic transformation, not just an intellectual Ego cult. Mercury is a planet which gives knowledge, and is considered wise and wealthy. He is ruled by Lord Vishnu (the Preserver), whose consort is MahaLakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth (abundance in all forms, not just money). As Mercury is related to earnings and business in general, it would be prudent to solicit his favor with the following mantra, especially on Wednesdays, a day to wear the colors of oceanic green (vs. forest green), and do something nice for the young , especially in the form of education.


To find more individually suited uppayas (prescriptives of remedial measures), it is best to have your individual natal chart consulted by a competent professional to shed the Jyotish light on your personal needs and potential.

2012 is critical for the future of humanity. Changes are now impelled and accelerated within the planetary crisis of consciousness, pressing for either the collapse of the old or radical restructuring of our entire cultural worldview and the subsequent values we live by. Mercury, in its inherent changeable attribute, will set a dynamic and unpredictable stage for human evolution as his nature is about learning, not lasting. Mercury will act out personal and global scenarios that guide us from Ego to essence, from the local self to the essential unity Self, because on the highest plane he governs our spiritual wealth, not just our mundane resources. Mercury being neutral, and like Saturn, inimical to romance and feeling indulgence, will accentuate change at a rapid clip. We better rise to the call or we will be left behind in old paradigm consciousness if we resist the reality that everything is always changing - ready or not.

2012 invites us to amplify our strengths and virtues and not go on more spiritual bypasses to falsely assume we can guarantee the continuum of our lives by cutting a deal with the gods.

"Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations indeed knows all things."

"All planes of existence consist of vibrations, from the finest to the grossest kind; the vibrations of each plane have come from a higher one, and have become grosser. Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations, he indeed knows all things. ... From the scientific standpoint, spirit and matter are quite different from each other, but according to the philosophical point of view they are one. Spirit and matter are different, just as water is different from snow; yet again they are not different, for snow is nothing other than water. When spiritual vibrations become more dense they turn into matter, and when material vibrations become finer they develop into spirit. Wisdom only evolves and matures as vibrations are understood. So if your matter desires to be more refined and wholesome, study and practice the vibrational aspects of reality in everything and everyone."
~ Harish Johari

VENUS and SATURN, two major influences alongside the energetics of this Mercurial vibration in 2012 may play out in our favor. Venus will have a long transit through Taurus, in her own sign, where she will be conjunct with Jupiter, which should direct our attention to material things, and how we manage or mismanage them. She may gift us with the potential of romantic relationships, particularly in the period of Mar 28th to Aug 4th. She will also widen our scope as to our incessant desires on the material plane with ever increasing worldwide inflation, which might have us redefining our relationship with luxury and comfort (her natural attributes).

SATURN’s influence, the karmic task master in his current exaltation sign of Libra (Scale), will bring important changes to all of us, “for better of for worse”; during 2011-2014. Then, in 2014 Jupiter will enter its exaltation sign of Cancer. Thus the next five years should be able to deliver a unique opportunity in individual and global expansion and spiritualization. The planet Saturn will invite us inward and onward, and the planet Jupiter outward and upward. The best advice I can offer is to respect the inherent attribute of each graha (planet), and respond cooperatively in the delays, pause and humility Saturn requires to do its deep work in our psyches. Saturn will require us to not give into worries and anxieties, produced by Mercury’s restless nature, which will be aggravated in this Mercury #5 cycle. This way we may unfold into the strength and stamina that Saturn represents instead. Saturn wants us to be more potent and peaceful, settled and accepting our karma du jour, individually and collectively, and not to frustratedly buckle by the seeming hardships that may befall us in the dissolution of the current world order. The necessity of meditation will become obvious as Mercury, the ever busy wanderer, although neutral, is always looking forward to the next distraction, and new moves and grooves.

It may be that when we no longer know what to do, 
we have come to our real work 
and when we no longer know which way to go, 
we have begun our real journey.
The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
The impeded stream is the one that sings.
~ Wendell Berry

"The inward and essential part of every being is composed of fine vibrations, and the external part is formed of gross ones. The finer part we call spirit and the grosser matter, the former being less subject to change and destruction and the latter more so.

The standard of right and wrong, the conception of good and evil, and the idea of sin and virtue are understood differently by the people of different races, nations, and religions; therefore it is difficult to discern the law governing these opposites. It becomes clear, however, by understanding the law of vibrations. Every thing and being on the surface of existence seem separate from one another, but in every plane beneath the surface they approach nearer to each other, and in the innermost plane they all become one. Every disturbance therefore, caused to the peace of the smallest part of existence on the surface, inwardly affects the whole. Thus any thought, speech or action that disturbs peace is wrong, evil, and a sin; if it brings about peace it is right, good, and a virtue. Life being like a dome, its nature is also dome-like. Disturbance of the slightest part of life disturbs the whole and returns as a curse upon the person who caused it; any peace produced on the surface comforts the whole, and thence returns as peace to the producer.

Though the works of the human race disappear tracelessly by time or bomb, the sun does not falter in its course; the stars keep their invariable vigil. Cosmic law cannot be stayed or changed, and man would do well to put himself in harmony with it. If the cosmos is against might, if the sun wars not in the heavens but retires at dueful time to give the stars their little sway, what avails our mailed fist? Shall any peace come out of it? Not cruelty but good will upholds the universal sinews; a humanity at peace will know the endless fruits of victory, sweeter to the taste than any nurtured on the soil of blood."
~ Yogananda

Mercury's overall theme maybe in line with this:
Come sail away + lyrics

And I leave you with this beautiful prayer:  

Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu
May good befall all,
May there be peace for all
May all be fit for perfection,
May all experience that which is auspicious.

Sarve bhavantu sukhinam
Sarve santu niramayah

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu
Ma kash'chit duhkha bhag'bhavet
Om, May all be happy. May all be healthy.
May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer.

Mercury Retrograde Periods In 2012

There will be three periods of Mercury retrograde in 2012, all in water Signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio). Mercury is an intellectual planet, and water signs represent emotions. This tends to create a certain degree of mental confusion, affecting our sense of discrimination and not allowing for good communication.

ME in Pis (Feb 28th - May 5th), retrograde Mar 12th - Apr 5th
ME in Can (Jun 22nd - Aug 29th), retrograde July 15th - Aug 8th
ME in Sco, retrograde Nov 7th - Nov 25th (last part Nov 19-25 in Lib)

Eclipses In 2012

There are four eclipses in 2012 (times for East Coast US & Canada):

May 20 - Annular Solar 6:52pm EST (Taurus)
Jun 04 - Partial Lunar 6:03am EST (Sco)
Nov 13 - Total Solar 5:11pm EST (Lib)
Nov 28 - Penumbral Lunar 9:33am EST (Tau)

All eclipses are anxiety producing, due to the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu), obstructing the cosmic light (the Sun and the Moon).

1. May 20 - Annular Solar 6:52pm EST

The first Eclipse of the year 2012 is a Solar Eclipse in Tau, on the constellation / nakshatra of Krittika.

This eclipse will have five planets in Tau

  • Jupiter ~1 degree Krittika 2nd pada (just entered Tau)
  • Moon and Sun ~6 degrees Krittika 3rd pada
  • Ketu ~11 degrees Rohini 1st pada
  • Venus ~29 degrees Mrigashira 2nd pada

There is potential for auspicious results, with Venus the ruler of Taurus joining in its own Sign, and Jupiter having just entered Taurus. The Moon will have good dignity, being Mulakitrona, and overall there is a joining of benefics - Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

2. Jun 04 - Partial Lunar 6:03am EST

The second Eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, on the constellation / nakshatra of Jyeshta, alongside the nodal Scorpio - Taurus axis.

  • Moon ~19 degrees Jyestha 1st pada
  • Rahu ~10 degrees Anuradha 3rd pada

This eclipse has the Moon in Scorpio, its sign of debilitation, conjunct with Rahu. Although an uneasy time, there might valuable insights into the collective value system.

From this uneasiness, there is a potential to arrive at change on a global scale, with five planets are in Taurus, along the nodal axis:

  • Jupiter ~4 degrees Krittika 3rd pada
  • Ketu ~10 degrees Rohini 1st pada
  • Sun ~20 degrees Rohini 4th pada
  • Venus ~22 degrees Rohini 4th pada
  • Mercury ~29 degrees Mrigashira 2nd pada

Mercury, the ruler of Jyeshta (where the eclipse occurs), will be completing its transit through Taurus, having conjoined Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, and Venus. Mercury brings discrimination, and with Mercury moving into Gemini immediately after the Eclipse, there is the ability to fully articulate the changes intuited, both in our personal and public lives.

3. Nov 13 - Total Solar 5:11pm EST

The third Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse in Libra, on the constellation / nakshatra of Vishaka.

  • Moon and Sun ~27 degrees Vishaka 3rd pada
  • Saturn ~10 degrees Swati 2nd pada

This will be the most challenging of the eclipses in 2012:

  • SA (Libra) Exalted 
  • Venus (Virgo) and Sun (Libra) will be debilitated
  • Mercury Retrograde (Scorpio, with Rahu)
  • Jupiter Retrograde (Taurus, with Ketu)

The potential exist for a confrontation between the government, or established order and the general public. The debilitation of Sun and Venus brings a weakening of the social fabric.

4. Nov 28 - Penumbral Lunar 9:33am EST

The fourth and last Eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus:

  • KE ~1 degree Krittika 2nd pada
  • MO ~12 degrees Rohini 1st pada
  • JU ~17 degree Rohini 3rd pada

This eclipse has a positive cosmic configuration:

  • Venus, Saturn and Mercury are in Libra (they're all friends!)
  • Venus has good dignity in itw own sign Libra (Mulakitrona)
  • Saturn exalted . Moon has good dignity in Taurus (Mulakitrona)
  • Moon conjunct with Jupiter in Taurus

The potential exists for the conclusion of the 2012 eclipses to bring about an harmonization of the values and global order that were first intuited, revealed, challenged in the first three eclipses, and now can be integrated into the personal and collective consciousness.

Projecting into the future: How will it look for each number:

Calculating your birthday and cycle # for 2012 use the following method. Add together:

the number of the month
day of birth
year for which prediction is made ( 12 ) using the last 2 digits only

day of the week your birthday falls on (check below).


Add all of this together and the number that results from this addition becomes the number of the projected year.

-double check your additions- or maybe use our convenient online vedic year calculator.

NOTE: As this summary is very general it can only provide an overall idea of what is to come. For more precise possibilities one should consider having ones personalized chart done and consult a competent numerologist or astrologer, experienced and gifted in such matters.

Year cycle #1, ruled by the SUN

Important year of significant changes. Difficulties and problems that have existed for many years will vanish. One develops a new outlook. One hones down to the essentials and shines bright like a sun. One will feel lucky, special and receives help from people, especially people in authority and the government. One feels more healthy, robust and progressive about all ones involvements. There will be easier success in business if one gets focused, organized and plans ahead as it is a cycle of new beginnings, so sowing seeds. One will meet interesting people that provide impetus for new directions. One will be less fearful, anxious or insecure. One will work hard however experience less stress.  One will achieve name and fame, especially in competitions. This is also an excellent cycle for buying something new, starting a new venture or investment scheme. For artists/musicians this will be a superb year to make a significant societal contribution and or composition.

Year cycle #2 ruled by the MOON

This cycle will bring an increase in personal happiness, richer magnetism, and feeling attractive to others. As well as new friends, who will be helpful in the future. Overall there will be less worry and stress, yet deeper emotionality superseded by more practicality.  One will experience benefit from real estate and find a new house/home/apartment and an overall improved living situation through patience and good planning. One will experience profound changes in the way one thinks and perceives. The most important factor will be to observe the necessity of worrying and hurrying less and thereby becoming more conscious of each moment.

Year cycle # 3 ruled by JUPITER

This will bring more knowledge and practical everyday wisdom. It will be a time to complete old projects and get ready for a major shift and life transformation during the year. One will meet new acquaintances that will become friends. Overall an auspicious year as it brings financial gain, name and honor in society if one efforts to express oneself clearly. This is a meaningful cycle for writers and orators. These people should be careful as the influence of Jupiter can make them exaggerate the truth and make them frank and fearless that could get them into trouble. It is a very good cycle for planning the next venue and or getting a job promotion. Not good for lawsuits however and also a time to tests ones new friends before trusting them completely.

Year cycle #4 ruled by RAHU

This year will bring success with difficulties. There will be strength, undisturbed by unforeseen troubles and obstacles. There is alertness, hard work, and calm. There are also financial gains, increased sources of income, and financial stability. You will experience new ventures, such as a new house or apartment. This year will also be auspicious, for one may get married, but if one does not want to marry officially, one gets a life partner. Married people with no children get a child. This year is good for relationships with friends and life partners. It is not successful for love affairs and romance. It will be good for relations with government officials and men of authority. This year will be good for traveling, spiritual pursuits and religious activities.

Year cycle #5 ruled by MERCURY

This year will be a year of success and financial stability. It brings an increase in one's circle of friends. It is also good for business and businessmen. It will be good for traveling and for going abroad on business or for enjoyment. It will be good for partnership in business. It is a time to be conscious while talking, and also to be conscious while signing a deal or a contract. It is good for those employed in the media and communications business: writers, poets, actors, entertainers, radio artists, and journalists. It will be good for appearing in competitions and taking risks. It will be a memorable year.

Year cycle #6 ruled by VENUS

Year number 6 is good for family relationships, free from the problems of household affairs. It is also good for romance and conceiving a child. It is good for interior decorators, actors, musicians, poets, and painters as well as for filmmakers, theatre people, and those involved in show business. Good for jewelers and people involved in the perfume business. It will be good for spending on decoration, entertainment, and enjoyment. It is a time to get employment, for those who are unemployed. It is a time to deal with items of beauty, sensual enjoyment, worldly pleasure, and gifts. This year also brings the chance of getting unexpected wealth and a raise in salary.

Year cycle #7 ruled by KETU

This year will hold misunderstandings and difficulties. There will be difficulties in business: more work, less profit. Success in such things as court cases and law suits. It will also be a year to test friends and helpers and to avoid unnecessary discussion. Devote energy to the healing arts, astrology, practice of Tantra, magic, and hypnosis. Take fewer risks and be conscious in love affairs and romance; there are chances of getting a bad name. Remain optimistic and undisturbed if one desires success in jobs undertaken. A patient and optimistic attitude will solve problems and remove obstacles. The difficulties are only a test. This will also be a good year for healers, astrologers, and those involved in occult sciences.

Year cycle #8 ruled by SATURN

This year will be good for politicians, social workers, and people involved in the iron and steel industry. It brings the opportunity tot start a new venture. it will poor in the area of health. Precautions are needed; for example, avoid stress, excitement, and anxiety. Use more juices and spices, which clean the blood and strengthen the heart. Use pearl powder (mukta pishti) and powdered blue sapphire (neelam pishti). It is a time to gain success in worldly matters; one should use one' energy to become more creative. The right use of energy will bring good luck. It is good for gaining victory over enemies, and in lawsuits. It is a time to become independent, to rely on one's own resources and judgment. It is good for social work.

Year cycle #9 ruled MARS

This year will be a year of completion, success, and good fortune. It is a time for fulfillment of desires, for organizing oneself and a year of gaining favors from men of authority and government officials. It will also bring slight disagreements - a harmful exchange of harsh words with an officer is possible. There will be success in combat and competitions and honor by society. There is a chance of unexpected financial gains, through a lottery, inheritance, or other source. During this year, one should also avoid doubting and perfectionism. By devoting more energy to spiritual pursuits, the year will bring good results.

Christina Richã Devi

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