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Have the insider astro nuggets for 2018 at your fingertips!
Daily, precisely calculated Moon and Nakshatras transits of the entire 12 months This is a priceless tool to select auspicious times and avoid troublesome transits re major decisions.

Please ask for a sample of the 2018 Calendar.

Available in PDF format for $11.55.

To receive a printable copy of my 2018 Astro Forecast, send $30.45.

Or purchase both the Moon-Nakshatra Calendar and 2018 Forecast for $36.75.

17 MARCH 2018 TO 18 MARCH 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada


Befriending the Nodes, the Shadow planets in our Lives

This one day workshop will illumine the workings for the North (RAHU) and South (KETU) nodes of the Moon, in our Vedic charts and lives. Shri Harish Johari considered RAHU, the driving wheel of our karma and KETU the most dangerous, as it is the most unbounded of the planetary influences. Both nodes operate in everyones life and to have an understanding as to how these shadowy grahas operate, can provide great benefit and navigation tools. They are more potent when unrealized and psychologically unexplored as they bring the most dramatic karma into manifestation. This karma can be mitigated thru the practise of mantra, yantra and tantra, which will be offered in the form of astral remedies during the workshop. In 2016, RAHU made a conjunction with JUPITER in Leo that impacted both our personal lives, as well triggered global events. KEHU in 2016 is transiting through Aquarius, the humanitarian Sign in the Zodiac - learn how that affects you and the world.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $ 520.00

Includes all handouts, vegetarian lunch and chai each day.

  Early bird discount  - $ 468.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

31 MARCH 2018 TO 01 APRIL 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada


The psychic centers of our energy attunement capacity are ever evolving as we are. Although ancient in their concept, of yogic origin, and much promoted since their rediscovery, recent scientific exploration and integration into the western path of psychoneuroimmunology, they are driver wheels we experience with every breath, while at the same time subtle in their manifestation in our etheric body. Our aura, our overall vibrational field. If they all harmonize and energy flows freely thru the central, spinal, pathway we experience purity of heart, health of body and liberation of spirit. We are connected to the cosmos heaven and earth via the celestial plane of the nine luminaries and their corresponding Chakras. Our BodyMindSpirit dynamics are a constant energy dance and engagements with atoms in the eternal dance of creation/destruction, Shiva/Shakti, the light and dark mirrors of our natal, karmic soul essence and body chemistry.

Learning about the Chakras is beneficial in as far that it will help to illustrate and guide a person in their process of balancing their well being and manage their vitality and pranic life force in alignment with evolutionary principles.

Through a variety of breathing and meditation exercises as well as creative visualization on the shape, color and beeja sound of each Chakra wheel, we can explore which of our Chakras are attuned and which are dead/congested and not moving/activated. Understanding ones existence from the inside out also provides a more respectful relationship with the precise governing system that regulate our neurons effecting our immune responses and allowing a free and spontaneously ongoing co creative expression with the universe.

We will work with the entire chakra system and subsequently connect with the energy centers and their positive and negative manifestation as they relate to our health and overall wellbeing, from the Muladhara (base) to the Sahasrara (crown) chakra. This weekend is useful to help one ponder the connection planetary yoga, to mantra, yantra and tantra as it is just another template in the language of the GODS and given to us to implement in our journey toward the Divine.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $ 520.00

Includes all handouts, vegetarian lunch and chai each day.

For more information please check.

  Early bird discount  - $ 468.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

05 MAY 2018 TO 06 MAY 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 16:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada

NOURISH AND FLOURISH - Become a conscious vegetarian through Ayurveda


Empowerment happens when we receive knowledge. Once we have knowledge we can take action. What you put in your body becomes your body. Selfhelp care informs us that we need to move from the science of medicine to the art of medicine and re work our day to day reality in the from of conscious nutrition powered by plants, herbs and spices especially in this age of biotoxins. Our choices either drive awareness or drive disease.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $ 520.00

Includes all handouts, vegetarian lunch.

  Early bird discount  - $ 468.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

10 JUNE 2018 TO 11 JUNE 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada


This weekend will give us the divinatory tools to work with the entire birth data of an individual participant as well as the compatibility of planetary relationships. The intermediate level is a way to gain deeper insight as to how your birth data, day, month and year, reveal your entire karmic history and destiny. We will also work with the soul expression number and the name number, and how and why it is sometimes useful to change ones name. The chanting of the appropriate remedial mantras and the ayurvedic upayas constitute another aspect of the intermediate level. The foundation course is absolutely necessary as the contextual richness of building these modules demand a clear mind and a fertile brain that can allow for these occult possibilities. The student will become more intuitive and more familiar with the deities and the recommended pujas for each one of the planetary agents. Remedial gemstones, as per Harish Johari book are also discussed so they may be incorporated in achieving personal empowerment. Here we follow ancient traditional prescriptions, which, if applied correctly and reverently, may produce astounding healing results. The required sanctity can be imparted by receiving and implementing an appropriate mantra, an accurately sized gemstone and overall tried and true information.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $ 520.00

Includes all handouts, vegetarian lunch and chai each day.

  Early bird discount  - $ 468.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

16 JUNE 2018 FROM 09:30 TO 14:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada

NUMEROLOGY WORKSHOP - A Fun and Illuminating Exercise to Foster Insight and Loving Kindness

We will cover the history/mythology, related to the planetary agents in the form of the 9 numbers. We will befriend their unique vibrations. Learning their attributes, inner natures and inherent potentials. Find how they affect our personalities and governor every breath, through thought and deed. Numerlogy is primarily a self help tool to observe ones desires, motivations and personality traits in choices like environment, food, partnerships, career and spiritual inclinations.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $ 115.00, prepaid by June 1st
$ 135.00 at the door, space permitting

For more information please check.

10 AUGUST 2018 TO 20 AUGUST 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada


In the Vedic tradition, Mother, in her many splendid forms comes to us in ten major archetypes of great beauty, archetypal knowledge and mythological wisdom. The practise of Devi worship is a celebration of the GODDESS Absolute, tantra unveiled. Finding a genuine tantric master seems next to impossible, while in this age of confusion, aptly named the KALI yuga, so curiously enough to go straight to the ancient practises as laid before us in modern english translations nowadays, seems to provide the way in, the much needed cellular transformation. In Devi Tantra, the divine Feminine is re-awakened and embodies all the process nature has to offer, since always - for always. In all of the worlds cosmologies none are as engaging and vivifying as the myth and images of the great Mother archetype thru her shakti manifestations in the Yoga Vidyas. KALI, the beginning and the end, the primordial MahaKali, translates as the mistress of time, is simultanously at the center of infinity as well as the fierce one, the black one, the terrible one. Consort of Shiva, associated with Mahakala, the devourer of time, Kali is also known as the destroyer of death. Depicted as the creatrix of the Maha Vidyas, Kali is identified with Bhavani, the Goddess of Being and Durga, the inacessible one. Her blackness signifies absolute transcendence taking the devotee beyond all known qualities. According to the Devibhagavata, Kali is representative of a universe undergoing a series of cycles, or ages. At the end of each age, all creation dissolves into MahaKali and returns to the embryo-seed stage from which the next cycle or age arises. The Goddess at the end or beginning of time has no tangible form, nor fixed attribute,and represents the absloute truth.

The intensive study of the TEN MAHAVIDYAS is an experiential and in depth somatic and spiritual experience to welcome, and embrace the changes of our times. One becomes a courageous, compassionate, present and clear representation of the ultimate truth that is wordless, formless and timeless. A comprehensive 100 page manual is included in the course, daily refreshments, as well as a daily puja with Homa, and a farewell dinner from the OM organic gardens.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $ 3045.00

Registration deadline June 1/2018 with a 50% non refundable deposit requirement.
This course will only run with a minimum of 4 participants, early registration advised.

LOGISTICAL INFO AND DISCLAIMER: Fee non refundable once registration is accepted and deposit has been received, Partial scholarships available with demonstrated financial need and or equitable work exchanges. Please email for an application.

  Early bird discount  - $ 2,741.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

26 AUGUST 2018 TO 31 AUGUST 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada


Comprehensive instruction in the mantra, yantra and tantra studies of the Sanatan path of planetary Yoga. This five day intensive is based on the premise that the planets are relay stations for the reception and transmission of celestial energies that affect our every thought and deed. The nine Luminaries bring the forces of the galaxy alive in us and direct our path of evolution. Each planet contains a portion of the cosmic rainbow ray, upholding its vibration in our solar system. Our karmas, in accordance with our birth chart, and how they ripen in this lifetime will determine the state of our consciousness, our gains and losses, our successes and trials. Most of our relationships are according to planetary affinities. Most of our actions are governed by the nature of the planet that dominates our celestial blue print and karmic template. Once we understand the meaning and nature of the planetary attributes we can make more intelligent choices participating in the cosmic leela and comprehend the possibilities of this precious human life.

Numerology and astrology within the context of healing and practices will be studied in depth. The course is balanced between theory and practice of the Vedic tradition. Ayurveda, Upayas and Self help remedials are offered to assist the student to revitalize his/her life and be a clear agent of support and knowledge for others.

Prerequisite: basic understanding of yoga and healing, a sincere commitment to self transformation and becoming a metaphysician for personal and collective peace. Request a detailed syllabus.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-registration and application form required.

Fee : $ 1164.00

NO pre re requisites. All are welcome.

E-mail for special payment instructions for the discount.

Transportation/Room and Board are the students responsibility. There are a wide variety of bed and breakfasts, motel, and hotel possibilities: 1-888-749-6604. We will assist in connecting students to share accommodations.

  Early bird discount  - $ 1,048.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

09 SEPTEMBER 2018 To 10 SEPTEMBER 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada


This weekend provides a summary of all facets learned to date, as well as concentrates on the daily cycle, and the yearly karmic cycle. Here we will examine the planetary agents pointing us to when you might move, get a new job, marry, conceive a child, or have a period of bad luck, divorce, loss, death, and all else that the human psyche resists. The main focus will be an in-depth examination of the relationship and characteristics of the numerological data, how the planetary friends and enemies relate, and what specific attributes they display. We will cover the numbers of exaltation, and the peak years, as well as the karmic retributions and the suggested upayas to overcome those obstacles presented by the mind mesh. Body chemistry and ayurvedic specifics relating to the odd and even numbers re acid or alkaline constitution will be given attention. A variety of charts and handouts will support the rich tapestry of completing the three levels of the Vedic numerology education. Subsequently one feels inspired and motivated to open oneself fully to the precise workings of the universe at large and become a heartful co-creator-creatrix in the cosmic leela.

This weekend will give us the divinatory tools to work with the entire birth data of an individual participant as well as the compatibility of planetary relationships.

Not yet fully booked. Pre-Registration required.

Fee : $520.00

Includes all handouts, vegetarian lunch & afternoon chai each day.

  Early bird discount  - $ 468.00       

NOTE: Early Bird pricing applies up until 4 weeks prior to starting date; no exceptions.
No other discounts/work scholarships apply. No refunds within 4 weeks of starting date. Full refund, less a $100 administration fee up until 4 weeks before. Request must be in writing and deadline adhered to.

02 DECEMBER 2018 To 09 DECEMBER 2018 FROM 10:00 TO 17:00
AT Caribbean Dominican Republic

HEALING OUR LIVES - SAMANA, a life changing week

Samana - with Christina Richa Devi & Lillah SansomHappiness is the new rich.
Inner Peace is the new success.
Health is the new wealth.
Loving Kindness is the new cool.

Join us for practising this state of consciousness DEC 2-9/2018 in the Caribbean Dominican Republic at an Oceanview eco lodge, offering you superb hospitality, exquisite accommodations, award winning health cuisine, kindhearted staff and two spirited, caringly committed instructors offering daily yoga, healing meditation and visualizations, somatic awareness and astrological insight to enrich your life's path.


The peninsula of Samana is a unique destination in the Dominican Republic – one far different from the all-inclusive resort areas of Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. You’ll feel its authenticity as soon as you arrive. The slender peninsula on the northeastern tip of the country is favoured by independent travellers, European expatriates and locals seeking unspoiled golden sand beaches.

Numerous rivers and streams run down the Sierra de Samana mountain range. Tropical trees, dense green foliage and flowers grow in abundance. Many Dominicans say this is the prettiest area of their country and with good reason. Much of the land is wild and undeveloped, with tiny, colourful villages dotted along the rough roads and small fishing outposts by the coast.

The three main towns here are Santa Barbara de Samana, Sanchez and Las Terrenas. Each has its own distinct character, as genuine as the people who live there.

Las Terrenas is the busiest town with the most variety for accommodations, restaurants, nightlife and beaches. Santa Barbara de Samana, generally referred to as just Samana, is the provincial capital and a port town. It’s also the starting point for whale-watching tours and visits to Cayo Levantado and Los Haitises National Park.

Sanchez is the gateway to the peninsula, a former seaport, railway station and commercial centre. Its lack of attractive beaches has kept tourists and investors away and it’s currently sustained by agriculture and fishing. Tours to Los Haitises National Park often depart from Sanchez.

Inclusive Highlights:

Full-Day Hike through the gentle hills of Samaná:

Explore the undiscovered treasures of the Samaná peninsula. The plan is to go on a full-day hike with visiting Boca del Diablo, Playa Frontón and the rural area around Las Galeras. Starting with a boat in Las Galeras we will arrive Playa Fronton after 30 minutes. There we will stay for 2 hours, enjoying the beach and the sea. Drinking fresh coconut water. Then we will walk along the unspoiled coastline, discover different fruits and vegetables while hiking along the cultivable land and get to know the village life in La Guázuma. You will feel all the efforts by experiencing the natural way of the Dominican Republic.

Whale watching in the Bay of Samaná . The bay of Samaná is one the main areas where the humpback whales migrate to in winter.

Beach day at Playa Playita. Beautiful beach to spend a moment of tranquility and enjoy nature, with a spectacular view.

Body work, Pool time, nature explorations, private session if so desired with Instructors, Rest!

Your Instructors:

Christina Richa Devi Lillah Sansom
Christina Richa Devi, a dedicated visionary and quester for a more humane, sustainable co-existence with all life forms, transition consultant, catalyst for change, professional numerologist, medical astrologer, medical herbalist and Ayurvedic Chef; full bio on wwwsite. Lillah Sansom brings 40+ years of personal practice and study to her Vinyasa Krama Yoga classes, suitable for all levels and body types. which safely and systematically strengthens, stretches and relaxes ones being and which with intention can be taken home and incorporated into ones daily routine, becoming a lifelong ally in the quest for health, balance and longevity.

For Booking conditions and a more detailed itinerary: contact us soonest.

EARLY BIRD Special USD 1590 p/p. until June 1st/2018 - no exceptions.
Guarantees a single room, therafter incremental price increases and potentially only shared accommodations at the time of your booking.

USD 1690 p/p until July 1st/2018 with USD 500 non ref. deposit
USD 1790 p/p until August 1st/2018 with USD 500 non ref. deposit
Balance due 30 days before departure.
USD 1990 p/p thereafter full payment upon registration, non refundable.

All inclusive, flight to Samana extra.

Enrolment/Accommodation assignments is on a first come first served basis.

You will need a valid passport, good 6 months post entry into the DR, medical and travel insurance, as there are no refunds no matter what the reason. We have to pay for your spot upon your registration You may, in an emergency, transfer your placement to a new participant which we will be happy to assist in recruiting. If no one can be found you will forfeit your money. Kindly skype with us to assure suitable compatibility with theme, culture, resort and program.


01 JANUARY 2018 TO 31 DECEMBER 2018
at Ompalace, Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada
KALI APPRENTICE - Personal Mentoring

- Tantric Evolutionary Coaching -

Kali PoojaAs the Nine Luminaries govern every aspect of our Body/Mind/Heart and Soul, it is wise to explore and experience the SACRED THEATRE of ones personal and business interactions within the context of the COSMIC Leela Psychodrama of our actions and reactions.

Learn about the planetary influences and reasons for projecting fear through shadowboxing, energy darts (vs hearts), anger, avarice, doubt, depression, arrogance and all kinds of other unpleasant disempowering and ultimately violent conduct, by understanding the deeper significance of your birth chart, transits and progression.

The main focus in our energy exchange will be the exploration of the Divine Mother consciousness and Her need to re-emerge in our collective and individual psyche. The ecstatic and benevolent guidance of the Mother of the Universe is our only hope. Our beacon of Light, our solace, comfort and direction. Whatever our station of awareness we need to re- engage visions of KALI dancing powerfully in our world today. It is comforting and important to remember that this beautiful, uncontainable sword yielding Goddess, Who destroys what needs to be destroyed, simultaneously nurtures what is real in us. In the Tantric tradition we never lose sight of the eternal balance of creation and destruction.

KALI wants to take us beyond our conventional world into the boundless, non-dual mystery and beyond our story and current attachments. As a brilliant explosion of the Great Mystery in the abode of the Absolute we need to overcome the terror of our ego bound existence and unite this energy into ourselves making the leap into boundlessness. To resurrect and celebrate the Divine as Feminine as the Heart of the World and the Feeling/Devotional Self as our Soul. Scholars and Historians everywhere are now unearthing evidence in every tradition, memories of a powerful female Deity, both creator and destroyer, fearsome and nurturing, beautiful and limitless. The effect of this recognition and its spreading through Collective Consciousness is bound to be revolutionary.

The Divine Mother is the key in every chart to the missing part of our Being. She represents a force beyond polarity and beyond connection which resonates with a mystery of life that has long been suppressed.

Not only in our psyches but in the historic manifestation of the modern era that has made our experience of life unbalanced and incomplete.

Our objective in the private sessions will be centered around your Moon nature (the feeling Self / the Mother), SOMA the elixir of the GODS, and all the accustomed, and sometimes unconscious, tendencies that keep your mind of reason from feeling. Issues of endless longing, disturbed cellular integrity, and how we tend to not give our full attention to the present moment, the truth of the Here and Now. The mind is habituated in a constant current of thoughts and images careening from past to future. We want to go beyond the mind to observe the pure awareness that connects us to our Divine Mother from which the mind is born and, contaminated by the six passions and the karmic debris as well as the collective current day toxicity, that burdens us all. We will learn to embrace the mind as a loving Mother holds her child, clear and silent. Our intent is Freedom. A liberated state of receptivity to the present moment in the great dance of consciousness.

Although pain is as natural as pleasure we can learn how our stresses (often self-created) generate an acidic blood Ph and bile in the tissues. The process of Tantra as alchemical transformation is to catch our habitual entrapments and widen our scope of consciousness, to re-establish trust in Self and others to move forward in Love, Harmony and Beauty with increasing awareness.

Our real journey in life is interior, it is a matter of growth, deepening, and an ever greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts. Sometimes we need a catalyst, an activator, an initiator, a tantric, a little help from a spiritual ally. May I be such a friend! May I live the blessings of my first Yoga teacher, Guru Swami Kripalu, who gave me the name Richa which is Sanskrit and means friend in consciousness.

May we all evolve in the spirit of ONE.

* * *



is for you if:

  • You recognize, honor, and seek what can help you embody your awakening trusting archetypal traditional sources
  • You have been seeking a while and explored different healing work already
  • You would like the support of a skilled, seasoned coach to assist you through a time of transformation
  • You are sincerely committed to your own shifts of perception and evolution
  • You are capable of self reflection and self responsibility
  • You are curious about your shadow self and how it has prevented you from being fully embodied
  • You want to know more about how your reality is visible in your birth chart
  • You are interested in applying mantra, yantra and tantra as astral remedies to enhance your vibration
  • You want greater integration of body/mind/spirit dynamics and live from a deeper soul essence and vitality

If this sounds like you, contact christina to set up a free, 30 minute, introductory skype consultation
to explore what KALI APPRENTICE program might accomplish for you at this point in your life.
Please provide your birth data along with your inquiry: birth date, place, and time, exact to the minute.

christina richa devi has dedicated her entire life to study and teach ancient healing systems to empower self transformation. She has worked with thousands of clients since the mid seventies in many countries and diversified settings. Being a devotee of KALI, she is by the nature of her own karma ongoingly catalyzing transformation, helping clients align with a more honest self perception and finding and actualizing their true path. Christina role is to accompany your journey for a time, while you discover self liberation in your own truth as you choose/co create you own reality and co author the new world story for the benefit of all sentient beings.

How this may unfold is by: Identifying your current, key evolutionary gateways via:

  • Visioning
  • Work with the Energy Body
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and clearing them
  • Shadow Work
  • Self Inquiry
  • Astrological review of the cycles and seasons involved in your evolution
  • Exercises designed to help you access your own Inner Knowing
  • Lifestyle design

By Application Only
By Sincere Committment Only

Fee : $3,300.00


Om Great Goddess Kali, the One and only one, who resides in the Ocean of Life and in the Cremation Grounds that dissolve the world. We focus our energies on you, may you grant us boons and blessings.
~ Kali Gayatri



I invite a few private students each year.

The energy exchange is $3,300 ($3000 if prepaid in full), for 12 - 1 hour, monthly New Moon Skype mentoring sessions taken over a 12 month period. This fee also includes any additional time spent correcting and commenting upon personal practise and other assigned written homework via email and phone. The apprenticeship includes at least one personal, all inclusive visit, 3 full days here at the Ompalace YogaVidya during the mentoring year. This tutorial fee further includes the natal birth chart of the individual and its subsequent ongoing interpretation which we will unfold and utilize in our work together. All other workshops and services enrolled and committed to entitle you to a 50% discount during the KALI apprenticeship year.Tuition fees may be paid in full, or monthly, see discount structure. All fees are non refundable once the applicant has been accepted and confirmed.

Kindly request an application form:


I know not from what distant time
thou art ever coming nearer to meet me.
Thy sun and stars can never keep thee hidden from me for aye.
In many a morning and eve thy footsteps have been heard
and thy messenger has come within my heart and called me in secret.
I know not only why today my life is all astir,
and a feeling of tremulous joy is passing through my heart.
It is as if the time were come to wind up my work,
and I feel in the air a faint smell of thy sweet presence.

~ Rabindranath Tagore



Kali Pooja

A Time for Healing

Lotus In everyone's life span comes a time of crisis and with it a time for healing. The crisis is rarely decided upon, although many omens leading up to same are oftentimes ignored until the actual shock hits. Pain, loss, grief and sadness appear suddenly and with it the choice and options to constructively yield to the inevitable. A time for healing however is a focused intent. It is a mindful choice to connect with ones higher purpose to embrace the soul's journey, salute the spirit in ones existence with wisdom and compassion. It is time to become sensitive to the hidden aspects of oneself and the larger human community. To realize ones mortality and become acutely aware of the human condition we all share here in earth school. To accept and transcend the dramas of everyday life and instead more fully embrace the dance of the great mystery of human life.

It is time to release the patterns of the past and not fret about the future. To slow down sufficiently to re-connect with ones breath, the earth, her seasons and cycles, to find beauty in small treasures. To put ones mind in ones feet and walk more caringly on the earthmother and draw healing from the very matrix of the universe. To enhance ones spiritual perception, become open to magic and small pleasures and to re-assess ones practical needs. To celebrate the soul's awakening in a more creatively expressive way, to claim ones autonomy and be taught by ones ancient inner knowing.

This can happen in many ways. A healing time is a time of profound personal empowerment. To decidedly commit to be living from within a sacred space at all times and attuned to ones soul purpose. "Everything that lives wants attention, and the human soul is no exception - it thrives when it knows itself perceived with compassion and reverence." When I work with a person, I attempt to look at their soul self and observe the direction it wishes to move in. Then I look at the self-created obstructions in the body-mind dynamics that block the soul's free movement. If the person is willing to transform and able to commit to a healing journey, I support them in recognizing their soul's desire and via various immune enhancing tools guide them into the perceptual shape shifting needed to come to the next level of beingness in their evolutionary cycle. To open to personal alchemy. To grow beyond what they know themselves to be thus far.

Thought this process is essentially simple, it is sometimes challenging and sometimes great, depending on the rigidity and clinging of the person's mental pattern and their subsequent emotional entanglements. In my work as a healer my biggest task is to encourage the person to invite themselves into a healing time. To cross over the bridges of fear, worry, disease and confusions that prevent them from living full, happy and healthy lives. To understand the necessity for beauty, play, ceremony, retreats and healing holidays. To not see this as a luxury or as frivolous, not as selfish, not as crazy. So many times I am confronted with clients agreeing that my suggestions of perhaps taking a vision quest, of moving to a brighter home, of enrolling in an art course of their choice, of committing to ongoing therapy for a while, of taking the trip to the Caribbean they always dreamed of, are a good idea, but for reasons connected with old worn out patterns of self limitation they are unable to jump into the abyss of the unknown and risk facing their new self. It is almost tragic. Time and time again I witness people stuck in judgement, constriction and non-trust of the universal resources, when they are within an inch of opening to a healing time for themselves. Perhaps for the first time and perhaps for the best time in their lives. Inner work bears fruit when spiritual perception is brought into the everyday activities and during a healing time a person's soul has a rare and wonderfully unique opportunity to become attuned to their true destiny and be more fully human. A healing time is a turning point in a human life span. In my work with people suffering from all kinds of immune disorders, I have learned that the immune system is strongly affected by feelings and that taking certain kinds of action, such as entering a committed healing time, can affect the immune system positively.

There are now multiple options to awaken the possible human. To enter a discovery process about wholeness and the journey of healing. For many, it is as simple as to just keep laughing in the face of their perceived obstacles, to discover the fire in the belly and the spirit of soul in their eyes and the eyes of the world. To insist on hope and recovery. To creatively engage the imagination so it may revitalize the body. For others it may take the form of a meditation retreat, of time in the wilderness, of moving to an urban area, of simplifying their lifestyle or letting go of people and places one has outgrown a long time ago. For some a dream vacation to a place of empowerment may serve as the catalyst for a healing time, and for most it is just sufficient to break out of the mold of their perceived persona and release the mind mesh that entraps them. A healing time is a time of purification, a time of rebirth, a time of coming into the grace of ones place in creation. It is available to us all.


REFUND POLICY: Once registration for any selected service, workshop or retreat has been accepted and confirmed, all monies are non refundable.

TRAVELS : OMpalace YogaVidya reserves the right to cancel any tours due to insufficient enrollment or for any other circumstances beyond our control. Should a tour be cancelled, all payments will be returned. However, OMpalace YogaVidya (Christina Richa Devi) is not responsible for reimbursing nonrefundable airline ticket purchases or other incurred costs. For this and other reasons travel insurance is highly recommended.

REGISTRATION, Terms and conditions: All participants agree, prior to enrollment in any program, to complete and forward the discretionary application form provided. Enrollment is subject to satisfactory review of all applications. Course participation requires adherence to all course guidelines and may be terminated in the event of repeated violations.

Qualifications for applications to any workshop, intensive or retreat



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Vedic Numerology Classes : the Gate (Begin) - the Seat (intermediate) - the Path (advanced)
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